Mrs. Mitchell's First Grade Class

January 11-15, 2016

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Have YOU tried to get 18 First Graders to all be still and smile at the same time ? :>)

What Have We Been Doing?

  • In mathematics, we will be concluding a unit on using the strategy of "ten sticks" and ones that have been used as a visual to aid in counting.
  • In literacy, the week focused primarily on words that have the /ar/ sound in them, such as farm and park. We have been practicing writing stories, too! Our writing abilities are getting so much better!
  • No one can say that First Graders don't try to tackle some pretty big concepts; We have discussed scarcity and trading. See if your student has the hang of those two ideas yet! It may prove to be both enlightening and comical!

  • It may be a little hard to tell, but the picture of the two boys at the desk are playing a board game that was created and drawn by one of them on paper. I have no idea what they call the game or what the rules are, but they seem to understand them just fine. I love this creativity and sharing!

Please Send.....

For the next few months, I will be integrating the theme of family into our curriculum. If you could send a picture of your child with all or some of the family, that would be very helpful. I know pictures are precious, so I will take good care of your them. It doesn't matter at what age your child is in the picture, I'm just hoping for one with other family members. I am starting to collect the pictures now so they can get up on one of our classroom bulletin boards. Thanks