NOC code: 3113

Brief description:

Dentists are types of doctors that focus on the dental health of people. Some of their duties and work include:

· Examining teeth and gums

· Finding tooth decay or gum disease

· Filling cavities, removing teeth, replacing teeth with implants

· Giving advice on preventive dental care

· Supervising dental hygienists and other staff as they work

Essential Skills:

Important skills that are needed in order to be successful as a dentist are having the concern for peoples well being, dentists have to be in control and focused, even when tired and hand-eye coordination (which is basically when eye movement guide hand movements to correctly control what you are doing, this is important when cleaning a patients mouth as it is a delicate procedure)


The average salary for dentists is $60,000 - $200,000. The highest salary dentists can earn is from $300,000 – more than $300,000. Specialized dentists earn up to this much.

Future outlook:

Since the population and employment rates are increasing, in the future there will be more people becoming dentists, dental hygienists or dental assistants. Another thing that will increase dentistry graduates is the fact that more people are needing dental care and that more Canadians have dental insurance. Enrollment to dental schools increases 1.1% per year.

Employment/Education requirements:

  • You need English and Math all 4 years of high school plus the mandatory subjects.
  • Biology, Physics, Social Studies and computers for grade 11 and 12.
  • You need to attend dental school and complete 1 of 4 years of university of pre-dental courses.
  • A bachelor’s degree.

Different colleges and universities have their own requirements. Georgian and Durham colleges both offer dentist programs as well as dentist related programs. Georgian requires at least a 75% average but Durham requires a minimum of 65% average. Both these colleges take about 6 to 7 semesters to complete. Average cost for some colleges is $2,400 per years.

Characteristics of dentists:

Most people’s that end up as dentists have good communicating skills, are concerned and care, easy to talk to and trustworthy. Many patients feel uncomfortable at the dentist but good dentists will try very hard to make everything pain free.

Learning styles: They are abstract learners.

Multiple intelligence: Kinesthetic (Body smart) they are hands on workers

True colors: Gold best fits dentists because they are responsible, prepared and caring.

An advantage about this job is the good salary, flexible timing and that there aren't emergencies like there would be in a hospital.

A disadvantage is the education cost and that it isn't an active job because you don't move around as much.

Similar Occupation:

  • Doctors
  • Chiropractors
  • Dental assistant
  • Dental Hygienist