Joseph A. Glover

Teaching Assistant

Personal Statement

Personal Statement: Joseph

Personal Statement

Haven’t you ever wondered how the criminal mind works? I do, I have always wanted to be a cop since I was three. I always looked up to them and respected them. They make me want to be respected in my community like they are. Just like most cops I’m a fast learner, a quick thinker, and I am very enthusiastic. I enjoy being around kids and teaching them new things. The spark of respect I get from my nephew inspires me to be the kind of man kids will look up to. He looks up to me and respects me, and I enjoy teaching him how to listen and learn new things.

I also enjoy riding bikes with my friends and playing Xbox. Playing action games help me see into the minds of others, and anticipate what they will do. I think it gives me some of the skills I need as a police officer.

I’m talented with computer programs like Microsoft word, and PowerPoint. I have used computers since I was in the sixth grade, and I can organize information well.

I have a very supportive family. I was born and raised in the same house for fourteen years by my two lovely parents who keep me going every day.



Byrd Middle School


Pemberton Elementary School



Tuckahoe Little League


  • Keyboarding
  • Microsoft Word
  • PowerPoint

Work Experience Journal

Entry One: 12/19/12- To prepare for my work experience I have learned the difference between a statement and resume. I have used S'More and understand it. I have trained in web design and web etiquette. I have collaborated with other students and staff to edit content. I have learned the value of dressing professionally and using manners. I really enjoyed the time I spent doing these activities and participating in this class.

Entry Two: 1/25/13- Today we had professional day for EFE. During professional day we learned how to tie ties which I thought was a little challenging. We did mock interviews which was nerve wrecking. But in the end help me out a lot. I need to work on my handshake and responses to interview questions. Our guest speaker wrote that I was very professional and very polite. I made a Life Quote using an image Generator that looks really cool. I also made a QR Code for my S'More page and outsourced for Expertise in having a name badge made.

2/6/13- SICK

Entry Three: 2/8/13- Today was my first day of work. I thought it was fun and challenging at the same time. I graded come papers which was a little boring but it helped out the teacher. Also I helped Mrs Barron doing something that I had know clue about. But I hoped it helped here out. Also I cleaned some things. And organized the book shelf.

Entry Four: 2/13/13- I didn't do much today. I all I did was read and grade some papers. Hope fully next time will be more interesting.

Entry Five: 2/15/13- We learned how to operate a laminating machine, a copy machine, and the mail room. After that we headed up to work for the day. I laminated some papers for teachers and cut some things out. I thought the training and the laminating was fun but the cutting was boring.

Entry Six: 2/20/13- I graded some papers and laminated things today. I thought it was kind of boring but It got me through the day.

Entry Seven: 2/22/13- Today I made a bulletin board Mr Jones and cut and laminated some things. Making the board was pretty fun but it didn't last me that long.

ENTRY EIGHT: 3/1/13- I worked on a board for Mrs Barron today . Stapling some papers on to it. It was ok and I got kind of board.


ENTRY TEN: 3/8/13- I worked on a board for Mrs Barron and made a case for Mrs Meador. It was ok and fun at the same time.


ENTRY TWELVE: 3/15/13- To day for Mrs Ligh I cut out some small shaped objects I hope I wont half to do it again.

Entry thirteen: 3/20/13- Today I worked on the bulletin board for Mrs Barron. It was ok and kept me busy. Also I graded some papers for Mrs Meador.

Entry fourteen: 3/22/13-Today I cut out some small shapes for Mrs Ligh it was boring. Also Mr Jones had me read in the library.

Entry fifteen: 3/27/13- Today I cut many things for Mrs Ligh it was very boring. Also Mr Jones had me read the newspaper for him. It was ok I thought.

Entry sixteen: 3/29/13- Half Day

Entry seventeen: 4/10/13- Today I cut things for Mrs Ligh I am almost done so hopefully I wont have to do it again cause it is very boring.

Entry eighteen: 4/12/13- Today I graded papers for Mrs Meador and it was OK at first but it started to get boring.

Entry Nineteen: 4/16/13- Today I helped out in the library cause my teachers didn't have any work for me. So I helped them with getting rid of books. I thought it was fun.

Entry Twenty: 4/18/13- Today I made copies of papers for Mrs Meador. Also I hung up some things on Mrs Barons wall.It was not to boring.

Entry Twenty one: 4/24/13- Today after many so many weeks. I have finally finished cutting the paper. I was happy that I was finished cutting the paper. Also I printed paper for Mr Jones. It took a while cause he gave me the wrong printing code.

Entry Twenty two: 4/26/13- Today I had work at Byrd middle school. I thought it was fun and challenging at the same time. I graded come papers which was a little boring but it helped out the teacher. Also I helped Mrs Barron doing something that I had know clue about. But I hoped it helped here out. Also I cleaned some things. And organized the book shelf.

Entry Twenty Three: 5/1/13- Today at my job at Byrd Since I didn't have any work. I helped out Greg in Ms Goematts room. I thought it was fun. Also interesting at the same time. I enjoyed it and I hope I was a help.

Entry Twenty Four: 5/3/13- Today at my job at Byrd. I graded many papers. Also I printed a lot of sheets. I thought grading was boring. But printing things were not as bad. I hope I helped Mrs. Meador out with my work, and made it easier on her.

Entry Twenty Five: 5/8/13- Today since my teachers did not have work for me. I went to help Carnelle with Mrs Bullens work. We delivered textbooks to there correct places. It was fun but boring at the same time. I hoped I was a help.

Entry Twenty Six: 5/10/13- Today I helped Mrs Barron. I took down a bulletin board. And also printed and laminated some words so I can make a new board. It did not take me long to print cut and laminate these words. I hope I helped here and did a good job.

Entry Twenty Seven: 5/15/13- Today since I didn't have any work. I helped Lj and Carnelle out with loading books. It was fun to help load and dis-load books. We loaded at least 200 books in a matter of a hour. After that we returned all the carts and went to Mr. Timok.


Shannon Hyman

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Sharon Parker

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For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Bruce Timok, Byrd Middle School EFE Teacher.


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