Classical Conversations of Joppa

Weekly Newsletter - October 8, 2015

Brad's Produce Field Trip Announcement

The Field Trip is FRIDAY at 11:30am. If rain is an issue, there will be an email announcement from Sharon Touryan this evening or tomorrow morning about a rain date.

Director - Ms. Laura Ramsey's Notes

CC's mantra is "stick in the sand." The idea of "stick in the sand" is being able to teach anything with two simple tools - a writing utensil and something on which to write. Keeping it simple allows us to focus on the material and our students, rather than being occupied with elaborate lesson plans and projects.

I encourage tutors and parents to keep it simple in their homeschooling. CC trains our tutors in simple methods and to drill each new grammar piece 7 times in about 4 minutes (that's 7 subjects in 30 minutes). With so little time, there isn't much time for fancy. The tutors are showing you the tools for learning the grammar so you can make them your own.

Some great ways you may see your tutors drill material are through song, erasing key words, racing the tutor, funny voices, movements/handmotions, echoing, and "show me/tell me" geography. Each tutor will have their own flare and style for presenting. Embrace and encourage your tutors, while also taking home the tricks you learn and making them work for your family. Not every student will love handmotions, so don't do them at home. Not every student will love songs, so don't do that at home. Our goal as tutors is to present the material, drill it, and give ideas to you - the "teacher" - for continuing the learning at home. When you have multiple children in multiple classes, they may each be introduced to the new grammar in different ways. Use that opportunity as a way for them to show you what they learned and find the tool that works best for you. Remember the goal is memory of the knowledge, not the tools (handmotions, songs, voices, etc).

Here is a great resource if you are looking for other ways to make the memory work stick for your child:

Prayer Requests

Continue to keep each other in your prayers.

Kristen Harrison (Denise Coursey's sister) who is battling cancer. The family is by her side this week. Keep them all in your prayers, pray for peace.

Patrick Hall (Theresa Speicher's family) who suffered an asthma attack that led to cardiac arrest and coma

Chasity Longworth's grandmother who has stage one lung cancer and had a biopsy which resulted in a lung collapse.

Sarah Beavers (Amy Beaver's daughter) who is pregnant and undergoing genetic testing this week with her husband. Pray for wisdom and guidance from the doctors and peace for Sarah. And pray for her new marriage (congrats on marriage last weekend!)

Bennett Family who continues to learn to adjust to life without Nicole's mom. She passed away earlier this fall after battling lung cancer for over a year.

Community Announcements

Week 6 Preview - Oct 13th

FUN DAY: Crazy Hair Day - make it wild or just roll out of bed!

Family Presentation, Prayer, Pledges: Wilhelm

Cleanup Families: Sather, VanGelder, Wilhelm

Foundations Student Presentation Topic:

ABCs/Apprentices - Show and tell your favorite piece of art. Point out the OiLS and what you like about it.

Journeymen/Masters - Show and tell your favorite piece of art or prepare an art project and share it. Point out the OiLS and explain your piece of art.

Science Project: Nature Hike - Plants (outside, dress appropriately)

Fine Arts Project: Drawing - Review and Final Project

Foundations Class Notes - Week 5 Wrap Up

Abecedarians - Ms. Lauren Neiswinger's Notes

Thank you all so much for your active participation! I loved having each mama & helper up close & personal. I really think it helped the kids stay focused & engaged. We had a great day!

We added a few motions to assist us in remembering this week's history sentence.

Roman Republic - ASL "r" in L & R hand.

Fought the Punic Wars - claws in both hands fighting each other

followed - go over the hill with both hands

Pax Romana - peace sign

empire divided - cross arms & split away

Western - ASL "w"

Eastern - ASL "e"

Germanic Barbarians - growling bear claws :)

defeated - palms go down (just like "falls" in Timeline)

Western - ASL "w"

For science we added some motions, too.

Sponges - pretend to squeeze a sponge, Stinging Cell - ASL "jellyfish" (open hand to closed fingers moving like a jelly fish), flat worm - pancake hands, Roundworm - circle with 2 hands, Segmented - hold hands vertically & tap like lining up boxes, mollusks - ASL "octopus" right hand hump on left hand with wiggling fingers, sea stars - stand with arms & legs out, arthropods - ASL "bug" thumb to nose with pointer & middle doing quotes. My notes make sense to me - if they don't make sense to you I would be more than willing to make a video for you! :)

Have a great week & I can't wait to start week 6 WITH you!

Apprentices - Ms. Chasity Longworth's Notes

Hand Motions for History Sentence are: Two "R"s for Roman Republic, Hands making fists for "Fought", Hands signing war for "Wars", Hands signing peace for "Pax Romana", Hands divide for "Empire Divided", sign a "W" and "E" for Western and Eastern Empires, look like a barbarian for Germanic Barbarians, and sign "Conquer" for defeated the Western Empire.

Hand Motions to the tune of "Camptown Ladies Sing this Song" for Science: Sponges- hands together like you are squeezing a sponge, Stinging-Cell Animals- tough arm like a bee is stinging you, Flatworms- hands clap together, Roundworms- hands make a circle, Segmented worms- fingers crawl together, Mollusks- hands open and close like a clam shell, Sea-Stars- Point to your eyes and then hands make stars, Arthropods- fingers crawl up your arm.

I am so grateful for all of the hands on help from my room Moms!! You are excellent! I'm looking forward to seeing your lil Man's creative artwork for Presentation Tuesday! Love to you all!

Apprentices - Ms. Renee Stratton's Notes

Hello families,

This was another wonderful week. Here are some things I used that may help you in your own drilling of the new grammar this week.

The Science song and hand motions:

This week's Latin sounds and hand motions:

Have a wonderful week!

Journeymen - Dr. Sharon Touryan's Notes

I enjoyed hearing everyone's presentation about the Seven Wonders. Great work! Next week the topic will be art. Choose a painting (or make one of your own), and highlight the OiLs you see. You can talk about the artist, the medium used, and/or why you chose this particular painting.

Here's how we learned the memory work:

Math - sang and chanted

History - hand motions (used motions from the Time Line for Roman Republic, Punic Wars, Pax Romana, barbarians. Held up two fingers for 286, four fingers for 476. Three fingers ("W" for Western Empire, a sign language "e" for Eastern empire)

Latin - song from the CD

English - repeated using different voices each time

Science - used hand motions plus the tune for "This is Halloween:"

"Flatworms, Roundworms, Arthropods,

Sponges, Mollusks, and Sea Stars,

Stinging-cell Animals, Segmented Worms,

These are the animals without backbones"

Timeline - sang and did the motions

Have a great week!

Masters - Ms. Jo Anne Wilhelm's Notes

This week we used the CC CD for the Timeline, Math, Latin, and History.

For history, motions we used: "The Roman Republic (sign two "R's") fought the Punic (wave like something smells) Wars (sign for war - cupped hands back and forth at each other), which was followed by the Pax Romana (experimented with different signs for peace)...the empire divided (used hands like a "safe" from an umpire) into the Western (left hand signing "W") and Eastern (right hand signing "E") empires until Germanic barbarians (stomp around like gorillas) defeated (left arm bent, right arm coming down over it) the Western Empire (left hand signing "W")....

For geography: I apologize, but I realized later that I forgot to show the West/East Deserts.

For science: We used motions and sang the list to the tune of "Camptown Races."

For English: we continued to use the video posted on the Wrap-Up. (between - point between the eyes, beyond - point away, but - a signed "B" facing yourself, by - flip the "B" away, concerning - hands clasped and covering heart)

For art: we did drawings of both one-point and two-point perspective.

We enjoyed finding critters on our animal nature walk, and will search for plants next Tuesday. See you all then!


Memory Work Extras

CC Timeline Handmotions Video: (All Tutors are using the CC official videos OR the previously used rafikipaka from CC Connected. These two options are slightly different, but many of us have learned the rafikipaka handmotions in the past before CC officially came out with their own handmotion video.)

A PDF printout of handmotions can be found on CC Connected user name rafikipaka.

Cycle 1 Memory Work Audio:

Cycle 1 Memory Work Tutorials:

Reading Correlations from Half a Hundred Acre Wood:

Foundations to Challenge Link

History helps students understand God's providential plan and make sense of the political systems, religious beliefs, and societal institutions that we see around us. Many of the foundational ideas of our culture come from the Romans. In Foundations, we will finish our overview of the Roman Empire. In Challenge II, students translate passages from Caesar's Gallic Wars. They begin the year with a comparison of three leaders: Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Christ. As students grow in the Challenge program, they get the unique perspective of integrating their Latin, literature and history. You cna read a student's perspective on high school Lain in Anna Harvey's article "Why Study Lain: A Student's View."

Scientific Method Song and Motions

Scientific Method Song and Motions

Preposition Song Handmotions

Classical Conversations Preposition Song

Field Trip: Brad's Produce - Hay Ride and Pumpkins

Friday, Oct. 9th, 11:30am

550 Asbury Road

Churchville, MD

Chasity and Sharon are organizing a field trip to Brad's Produce. RSVP by October 2 either via sign up on CC Day or email to Money due to Sharon Touryan by October 6.

$8/child, $5/adult, Children under age 1 are FREE.


MMO: Panera Bread at Festival Shopping Center

Saturday, Oct. 10th, 8:30am

5 Bel Air South Parkway

Bel Air, MD

Join us for our monthly Moms Morning Out at Panera Break. It's a casual time to relax and chat with each other. Hope you can join us!

Field Trip: Wildlife Adventures

Tuesday, Oct. 20th, 10am

Trinity Church, 2609 Mountain Road, Joppa, MD

Wildlife Adventures' outreach program will bring live animals and hands-on educational entertainment. They are a local company that teaches character development and environmental stewardship through animals.

"Treasure of Wildlife: Fruit of the Spirit" is a 45 minute program using scripture and animals to define and understand the Bible's fruits of the spirit. $20/family. Register with Laura at by September 15th.