Chinese Abacus

Are you ready to learn about a Chinese abacus?

An abacus was made of stone and sand. It`s also made of wood, rods an beads.

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The abacus is the most ancient devise known.Each rod represents a different value.The abacus also shows 0 when all the beads are moved to the right.Each bead represents 1 or 5.To subtract ,beads are moved to the edge of the frame.Beads are moved from left to right to show numbers.

Little is known how the abacus came to be.

The abacus is a calculator in simpler way .The first abacus was made in 500 B.C.It was used in 1300 A.D.

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The abacus was important because they did`nt have calculators.It`s good to have an abacus today if you don`t have a calculator.the good thing about having an abacus is that you don`t need a calculator.The bad thing is about an abacus is that it could be hard to do it if you don`t know how.

I don`t think it`s very important to have an abacus because it can take longer to do than a calculator.

Today it is still used in China,Russia and Japan.It`s important to the Chinese because it helped them with math.