I Would Like to Propose a Post

by Cruz Leftrook


I will be working for the hudsons bay company because they are a good reliable company for suplying furs to all of the buyers. I chose to work with them because they are located in one large area and the posts are all acessible by boat. and there are many rivers right beside hudson bay so there in no shortage of furs in that area. also people from europe looking for furs they are not looking to travle long distances threw rivers and lakes to get to the NWC so they rather just to beable to sail into hudsons bay


The location i have chosen is right on the entrance of the hudsons bay so i can be the first trading post the europeans come up on when they arive. there is plenty of resorces to get started like lots of animals for fur, wood and edible plants so they can survive on there own

i also have chosen this spot for the post because there are no competitive posts near by so i dont haft to worry about the NWC coming and taking all the furs for themselfs. the post is all exesible by boat so trading will be very easy and we can transport all of are goods anywhere we want.


My buisness plan is to work and anteract with the aboriginals in are area to teach us the way of the natives and how to speak there language so we can be good friends with them so when we need help they will help us and when they need help we will help them and we will all be come better hunters and trapers so we will be able to trade lots of things and suceed