Andrew Jackson

Tyrant of the Century

Trail of Tears

Jackson, through the Indian Removal Act of 1830, forced 15,000 Cherokees off of their native lands and marched them to present day Oklahoma. Many Natives died from exposure, disease, and starvation- around 4,000 of them. This would not have occurred if Jackson hadn't ignored the Supreme Court's ruling in Worcester v. Georgia.
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Killer of the National Bank

Jackson disliked the National Bank due to his opinion on it favoring the wealthy. However, he had not made clear his ill favor of it until his enemy, Henry Clay, became affiliated with the Bank's President. I think the Bank would have been left alone otherwise, but was closed because of a biased hatred. The closing of the Bank also hurt the United States' economy, as the bank stopped taking loans from businesses because the value of their dollar was decreasing. If the money wasn't backed by gold or silver, it wasn't accepted. Therefore, many banks closed. Because people couldn't get their money, some people ended up losing their entire life savings and unemployment reached 10% during that time.

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The Spoils System

Jackson gave political supporters government jobs, regardless of experience or qualifications. This means that people who had no idea what they were doing became government officials. Also, immediately following his inauguration, around 900 government officials lost their positions (around 10% of all government postings) due to this system, including postmasters, regardless of good service records. It was a very cheap way to try and earn votes for himself.

Political Cartoon

Here, Jackson is closing the National Bank. Pillars are everywhere, and under the feet of people are, on paper, the names of many newspapers. It's hard to read, but he mentions the downfall of corrupt monopoly. It is a lithograph, which is a stone print.

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