Piedmont Ave. Merchant Special

@ ALIVE Chiropractic

Are you a business owner or employee on Piedmont Ave??

If yes, you automatically qualify for...

* A FREE Initial exam with Dr. J or Dr Melissa

* 50% off your Report of Finding and First Adjustment,

* And up to 35% off of our regular care packages!!

Also.... Any customers that you refer to us are eligible for a FREE initial exam ($60 Value) as a token of our gratitude for you sending them our way.

Why Should I see a Chiropractor?

Chiropractors are Doctors of the Nerve System. The Nerve System is the master communicator of the body. When your body is in alignment, the Nerve System is allowed to function optimally.

EVERYONE deserves the opportunity to have their Nerve System checked.

Common Benefits of Regular Chiropractic Care Include:

  • More energy and less stress

  • Continuous feeling of well-being

  • Optimal organ and nerve function

  • Greater immune function and less illness

  • Increased flexibility and strength

  • Structural integrity

  • A clear mind and vibrant body

  • Maximum benefits from exercise

  • Improved sports endurance and injury recovery

  • Release of accumulated tension and trauma

  • Restored tissues and faster cellular healing

  • Great health throughout life and into old age

Come Be More ALIVE!

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