Lauren Beck's Bucket List

April 23, 2015

Crystal Cave, Kutztown, Pennsylvania

I want to go there because I love Crystals. Crystal Cave, do not have active water flows. From about 27,000 to 10,000 years ago, as the glaciers moved through the area, water did enter Crystal Cave, depositing the mud which filled the passages.

Crystal Cave Facts

Crystal Cave, PA
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  1. Found on Sunday, November 12, 1871, William Merkel and his assistant, John Gehret, were blasting for limestone on a farm owned by Merkel’s parents. At the time, crushed limestone was a valuable resource widely used by farmers to increase the fertility of soil.
  2. It was formed by a glacier and it eroded away the limestone and that's how the cave was formed. I think this is chemical because the water from the glacier melted the limestone

Beach Erosion

San Franisco, CA

I want to go there because I want to go snorkeling with dolphins, and Beaches have lots of erosion and weathering because of the Ocean breaking the rocks into sand. This is Physical erosion
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Flyboard Dolphin Jet Pack
This Is another thing I want to do when I go to San Fransisco some day

A Nevada Desert

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This is where I want to go for Cliff Swinging. I think Cliff swinging looks fun :). Putting pressure on the rocks on the mountains above is part of Physical erosion
World's Most Insane Rope Swing Ever!!! - Canyon Cliff Jump
I think this looks fun but a little scary.

The Arctic

The Arctic has glaciers and the sun melts them over time. I don't actually want to go there because of the cold but I can't find many places with glaciers.
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Arctic Heli Skiing - Iceland - Official trailer
You guys look for any glacier erosion in the 45 sec. in the video

Gravity erosion in Brazil

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I want to go to Brazil because I love tropical places. This Picture above is gravity erosion and this is physical erosion, right?
Gravity Erosion-Hommocks Earth Science Department
sorry this is a little educational. I couldn't find anything fun with Gravity erosion.