Casting Call

Short Film by Charles Heureaux

The Dinner Party

Producer Charles Heureaux is producing his next project "The Dinner Party". When a young lady takes her boyfriend to her parents home for dinner, the last thing she expected was to NOT get robbed!

Casting for the Following Roles:

Character Profiles

[ALBERT] [20-25]

Albert and Susan have been dating for a few months. Average type of guy; likes to play video games and hang out with the guys.

[RACHEL] [20-25]

Daughter of Dan and Susan. Very agressive and verbally abusive to her everyone in her life. Always has a chip on her shoulder even though she has lived a good life.

[DAN] [45-60]

Happily married to Susan. Nice guy, clueless and a push over.

[SUSAN] [45-60]

Horny old woman who doesn't feel that her husband pays her enough attention. Wine drinker, snarky.

[CARL] [25-30]

Lead robber. Frustrated with the world for his problems. Tall, large build (not necessarily fat).

[MIKE] [25-30]

Second Robber. Ditzy, clumsy and the kind of partner in crime that will get you caught.

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Charles Heureaux

Charles Heureaux has produced digital content for 4+ years working with Steve Campanelli, Theo Van De Sande, E-40, All-American Rejects, Miguel A Nunez Jr, Ahmad "Real" Givens, Christa Flanagan and Brandy Moss-Scott.