By: Kayleigh Lehrmann | Period 2 | 12/18/14

European Union-

Luxembourg was one of the founders of the EU. On January 1st 1958 Luxembourg joined the EU.

Was Luxembourg part of any other county before?

Luxembourg is one of the smallest country's in Europe and its surrounded by Germany, Belgium and France. But no Luxembourg was never part of another country.
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Luxembourg's Flag👆

This flag is a tricolor of red, white, and blue horizontal stripes.

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Luxembourg has 12 cites and this is one of them, Luxembourg City👆

Grevenmacher, Ettelbruck, Diekirch, Wiltz and Rumelange are 5 out of 12 cites in Luxembourg.

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Places to go in Luxembourg

A couple attractions to go to in Luxembourg is the Winterlights becuase it is an unique experience seeing all of the different lights and Luxembourgs Little Switzerland becuase it is exiting seeing all of the different lights.

Where is it located?

Luxembourg is surrounded by Germany, Belgium and France.

What kind of government does Luxembourg have?

Constitutional Monarchy is the type of government Luxembourg has.

Was this country ever part of another county at any point?

No, Luxembourg was never part of another country at any point.


A lion is Luxembourgs national animal.

National language-

Luxembourgish is Luxembourg's national language.

Luxembourg fact #3

Luxembourg produces popular brands of beer.

Physical Features-

Luxembourgs physical features include: mountains, waterways, and rivers.

The rivers names in Luxembourg are named Moselle, sure, the Alzette and the our.

Currency Type

Luxembourg currency type is EURO but now they use LUX.
Visit Luxembourg: Echternach