Gold Mining techniques

By Jack

During the gold rush period miners used different techniques to get their gold.


Gold panning is by far the most simple technique to get gold. All you need is a pan (not your frying pan though) water and gravel. Put soil/ gravel/ sand in a pan ( once again not your frying pan) as well as a significant amount of water. the person would then swirl out the muddy water and gold might apear at the bottom. This mining method is still around today but is very time consuming.


The cradle or rocker box however you want to say it is another gold mining method. it is used to seperarte gold with gravel or sand first put gravel in then water then shake the handle. The carper under it will catch gold but not gravel or sand. You will need gravel, a river, a shovel, and a good hand.

Mine shaft

Another way for mining. Mineshafts are mostly made in less hilly areas. You sit or stand in the bucket and let your friend bring you down into the mines from there grab a pickaxe and mine for gold. After that bring the gold you found and get your friend to bring you up


puddling was used to separate gold with clay. The clayish goldish mixture would be poured into a large container, than pour in water. Using a stake the person wont kill a vampire but will mix it around breaking down the clay leaving gold and sand at the bottom. the sandy goldy mixture will be panned