Spring Foodlessness

Helping low income families fight against food insecurity


· Don’t pay for any of the materials needed

· Get 50% return on bags

· Get King Soopers involved


· Letters written to king Soopers asking for gift cards

· Drop bags off at houses in higher class neighborhood in boulder area

· Pick up bags from houses

· Deliver bags to Community Food Share of Boulder


· 100 bags dropped off in high class neighborhoods

· 36 bags picked up

· 206 items received

· 266 lbs. of food donated to Community Food Share


· Working as a group instead of splitting the workload up into four sections worked well for us.

· Need a tax exempt code for maximum donations

· If we could have recruited friends, we would have been able to drop off more bags in a larger area

· Advertise our food drive in local Magazine/paper and Facebook

· Write thank you cards

Lindsey Byers, Cara Daugherty, Lauren Jennings, Casey Kuchta