By: Landis Billings

Apartheid? Where?

Where: South Africa

When: 1948~1994

What is an Apartheid?

~ Segregation and racial discrimination laws
~ The apartheid in South Africa gave segregation between non whites and blacks in
~ The non white people had no voice in anything

Why was apartheid created?
~ The apartheid was created, so that the white people could control the non whites

Key Events

~ The non white people had to move in small houses, their bus fares were expensive, there were little jobs available. Also most of the whites had a better education.
~ Blacks and whites couldn't marry.
~ Each race had seperate bathrooms, schools, benches, etc.

How did apartheid affect the world?
~ The world stopped trade with South Africa, and they were not allowed to compete in the olympics.

Important people

Nelson Mandela was a very important person. He was a man who stood up for his rights. He never backed down. He was hope for the non whites. But soon the government found out about him,and what he was doing. so they sent him to jail for treason. He was in there 27 years. F.W. de Klerk was the State President of South Africa during the apartheid. He was also the leader of the National Party. He ended the party by supporting that everybody have equal voting and other rights.

How did the apartheid end?

President F.W. de Klerk released Nelson Mandela from prison. He soon started negotiating with him. They negotiated on abolishing the apartheid and multi-racial elections. Non white south africans today are being treated equally as the whites. They are now allowed to vote.

Why does all this matter and can we learn something from this?

Why does apartheid matter?

~ Apartheid matters because we are all people. No matter what race or ethnicity all people should be treated equally and fairly. But with the apartheid the blacks were the opposite of being treated this way. They were treated horriby. They were not allowed to vote and had seperate things from the whites. They should not have been treated like this.

What lessons can we learn from this?

~ Nobody should be treated different just from what you look like. Or at all. It's a horrible thing. It happens so very often too. I've learned all people shall be treated the same anytime, anywhere, eveyday.

Why should we study this?

Learning about the apartheid in South Africa can be a challenging thing. But it is something that really did happen, and will shall know about it because the blacks stood up for themselves. They never stopped. Even when people were beaten to death and killed. They had determination to win their freedom and equal rights. They had been segregated from everything on a daily basis. Most people don't know about this tragic event. It's an event in history that everyone should know about, because blacks had great hardships in South Africa during apartheid. Trying to survive with little food, small houses, and finding jobs.