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Ms. Ramsey's Weekly Newsletter Friday, September 16th

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Now that students are a full month into the school year, the uniform policy outlined in the student/parent handbook will be more closely monitored. We had a random check- up by Mrs. Campbell yesterday. She complimented our class....and we had a dress down day! I apologize for not sending an email to inform you. I have just moved and did not have internet access at home!

Common dress code violations include:

  • Non-uniform jackets (all jackets worn in the classroom should only be uniform)
  • Non-uniform pants
  • High school students not wearing their oxford shirts
  • Non-uniform shoes

A link to Lands End, our uniform supplier, is included at the bottom of this newsletter. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Thank you for your cooperation. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Accelerated Reader, Lexile Levels, and AR Reflection Logs

Based off your child's reading MAP report and my evaluation, I have given your child an INDEPENDENT reading level, both Lexile and AR. Many students are trying to read books above this given level. Even if they had a "higher level" last year, I am asking that you follow my lead and only allow them to read books in their level. With a teacher or parent, they can read higher than their level because they have help, but for AR purposes, they need to read within their range.

Many students have done a few online AR tests after reading books higher than their level and have failed (70% and below). This provides evidence they did not fully comprehend the book on their own. An 80% or higher shows true independent comprehension. We do many reading activities in class, and I use higher leveled text to challenge them. HOWEVER, when they are reading alone (in their head), they are to read at the level I gave to them. As the year goes on, their Lexile/ AR level will rise, and thus they can read higher books later on. Thank you for your help in advance.

I am combining August and September logs. This means they are required to read 4 books, complete 4 reflection logs, and 4 AR quizzes. (Normally it is only 3) They have time to read/ test/ and reflect in class. They can also read at home, but logs and AR tests are completed at school.

Possible Point Deductions on Monthly AR Reflection Logs:

1. Incomplete logs

2. Late logs

3. Conventions—Poor Penmanship, punctuation, grammar, capitalization, or spelling errors

4. Content: Insufficient amount of detail in book summary

5. Score of below 80% on any of the three online AR quizzes---> (This will not apply this time because students were reading books above their level)

Mark Your Calendar:

September 19- Dress like a Pirate for $5.00 donation to our CURE fundraiser​

September 23- Unit 1 Review HW packet due, Unit 1 Benchmark Test in Reading and Language Arts, Wordly Wise Lesson 2 Quiz

September 24- River's Alive Community Service Cleanup Day (email justgyms@att.net to participate)

September 30- August and September AR logs due (4 books total)

October 11- Research a State project due (see FSA connect and take-home folder)

Coins for A Cure

September is Children's Cancer Awareness Month, and FSAPS is doing our part! “COINS FOR A CURE!” is a month-long fundraising initiative that will benefit children’s cancer research and a local non-profit charity, CURE. Our goal is to raise $1,000 for the CURE foundation and their childhood cancer research. Each grade has a beautiful change jar, and students are encouraged to bring in spare change and fill our third grade jar! Jars will be counted at the end of each week and then a final count will happen at the end of the month. The class that collects the most coins will win a dress down day and special party. We will find out who the winning grade level is at the end of the month on the 29th at a school wide pep rally. Together we can make a difference!

Maker Faire and Science Festival

This year, Atlanta is hosting two big events that will greatly benefit our students - the Maker Faire Atlanta and Atlanta Science Festival.

Any student who visits one (or both) of these events will receive 10 extra bonus points on one of their science tests for each visit.

To qualify for these extra credit points, please send photos of students at the event to me at cramsey@fultonscienceacademy.org. Dates and details follow:

Maker Faire Atlanta – October 1 – 2, 2016


Atlanta Science Festival – March 15-25, 2017


Stay Connected with Our Class

Homeroom is an app that allows me to share a virtual sneak peek into our days at school. You can like or comment on the pictures and/or save the pictures to your computer/phone! You do not have to have the app on your phone to see the pictures. When I upload new photos or information, you will be sent an email! This is a private group, so only if you click the link below will you be connected!


What are we learning??


All skills in Reading and ELA review


SCIENCE: Chapter 2: Technology and the Design

How can and does technology affect our lives?

VOCABULARY: engineer, technology, work, wheel and axel, wedge, lever, inclined plane, pulley, screw, design process, research, prototype


Bodies of Water: Gulf of Mexico, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, 5 Great Lakes

Rivers: Mississippi River, Ohio River, Rio Grande River, Colorado River, Hudson River, and St. Lawrence River

Mountain Ranges: Rocky Mountains and Appalachian Mountains

Other: Great Plains, Atlantic Coastal Plain

Worldly Wise Lesson 2 Words (We learn and practice these for 2 weeks!)

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