Children Come First

Compassion Matters

"Make no judgment where you have no compassion" - Anne McCaffrey

My perspective of the quote is that if you have no empathy for the job and the children that you teach then you are in the wrong profession. There has to be a passion for whatever job that you do, and talking and complaining about it is not going to make it better. There has to be a love for it and do all we can to help students and realize they are the reason for being there.

My mindset is validated because the assessment tool is used for the specific purpose of strength and weakness. Then it is time to decide how to work with children to get them where they need to be.

Consider the 4 questions Lopez list under “Defending our Assessment Practices” (p.98).

Why are you participating in the assessment that you use with students?

Can you share in explicit detail the value that you find in each assessment?

Do you participate in assessments that you find no value in for students?

Are you using an assessment you have no idea how to deliver, but are afraid to ask for help with?

I participate in this assessment because it is a requirement for all children at the school and to see where children are so it will know what children strengths and weaknesses are and be better able to work with them. The assessment tool is a valuable one because it help teacher to focus on what they need to do to help children to get from one point to another. The assessment that the teachers use is called the Brigance for Early childhood in a three year old classroom. The test is administered twice a year. At the beginning of the school year and near the end to see how children has progressed from the beginning of the year until almost the end of the year. However, in the classroom the teacher always administer the testing while I am working with other students, but I am aware of what children strengths and weaknesses are.

In what ways have you succeeded/failed to make students your partner in assessment

I feel like the students are partners because there are things that children should know for their age. There are some children that do not know their real name because they are only use to parents and family member calling them by their nickname. Then as a teacher I will be able to work with children, and get parents involvement in order to help them and know where to start working.