5 Positive Skills

Kelly Carrazzone


In all fields, people should show integrity, communicate effectively, and be a productive worker. The basic elements of professionalism are present in all jobs no matter what setting it may be in.
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Tact is having the ability to be sensitive in difficult situations. You must be able to say and do things that are appropriate in any given situation. You need to be at least slightly empathetic towards those who need it and make good calls especially when it could effect others.
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Being on time goes hand-in-hand with professionalism. To show you take your job seriously, you need to put in the effort. You must plan ahead of time, which includes taking unplanned events like traffic, accidents, or delays into consideration. You must be realistic with your time frame, tasks, and assignments.
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You must have proper etiquette to be respected and well-liked among your colleagues and peers. Behaving correctly depending on the country you are in and the culture you are surrounded by shows you care about your image and your own portrayal in front of others.
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Getting Along Well With Others in a Group

More times than not, jobs and social settings will require some type of interaction with other people. You must be able to work well with others whether you are a generally introverted or extroverted personality type. Team work and team building are crucial to many jobs and careers, as well as the conscious ability to keep good time management skills.
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