4th Grade happenings


Wow! It is hard to believe that we have officially entered quarter 4 and our second to last math unit of the year!

Unit 9 brings back fractions, decimals and line plots!
Our students have been working hard to write fractions as decimals, compare decimals, create line plots, and interpret information from the given line plots.

We are also SO proud of all of the hard work our students have been doing on our standardized testing (PARCC)! The tests can be challenging, but the students are persevering and we are excited to see the results of their hard work!


Our focus in ELA this quarter is poetry, drama, and prose (stories).

Students have been learning about the elements of each and using this information to talk about the differences and similarities between them.

We have also spent time discussing how to identify the theme in various poems, stories, and dramas.

We are currently working on dramas and are hoping to have the students perform their own within the next few weeks!

We also would like to take the time to wish our students luck (they don’t need it though!) on their ELA PARCC - which they will begin on Friday, May 3rd. They have worked so hard and we know they will do great!


In quarter four, students will be spending time practicing the various types of writing we have discussed throughout the year (narrative, opinion, informative).

This will take place in the form of short writing assignments, projects, and class discussions.


Our science unit this quarter focuses on renewable and non-renewable resources. Our students have been working hard to research various resources in order to present information to their classmates!


Thursday, May 2 - PARCC (Math unit 4)
Friday, May 3 - PARCC (ELA unit 1)
Tuesday, May 7 - PARCC (ELA unit 2)
Thursday, May 9 - PARCC (ELA unit 3)
Friday, May 10 - 2 hour early dismissal
Monday, May 27 - No school

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