Prenatal Development

By Kara Moore

3 stages of prenatal development

Germinal stage - is when you are 0-2 weeks. it is when the cells are dividing and the egg is implanting into the uterus. the amniom placenta and the umbilicall cord is form.

Embryonic stage- is when you are 2-9 weeks. a lot of things start to form like the internal orgams, gertebrae and spinal colum< limbs buds and eyes and ears start to form.

Fetal stage- when you a 9weeks till birth. the baby start to look like a human. losts of things are forming. the limbs,hands,feet,fingers and toes are forming. facial features, lungs are growing. A fine layer of peach fuzz is growing. so when the baby comes out its skin will be portecd. the eyebrows and eyelashes start to grow. the vernix covering the baby (wax coating) the baby is growing rapidly during the end of the pregnancy.

five things a pregenant wman must do or avoid doing to make sure your baby is healthy

5 thing you must do

  • eat plenty of protein
  • ezercise
  • regular medical exams
  • take prenatal vitamins
  • get lots of sleep

5 things to avoid doing

  • stop smoking or drinking
  • avodi stress
  • avoid otc medication including asprin
  • avoid caffeine
  • avoind vitamon A supplements

Five symptoms that a woman may experience during pregnancy that are normal

  • heartburn
  • food cravings
  • nasal congestion
  • lightheadness
  • mood changes