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Kuhfs are the latest fashion accessory to hit the market.

We have the latest fashion accessory to hit the market here at Simply Rose Boutique. Stop in any time to see our selection of Kuhfs. You won't believe the difference this simple accessory makes in turing your outfit from ordinary to extraordinary!

Kuhfs are a sleek and stylish fashion accessory designed to be worn on your boots, jeans, leggings, workout pants and capris.

Kuhfs allows you to show off your personal style in a distinctive and dynamic way.

With Kuhfs you can accessorize your existing wardrobe, creating new looks while staying stylish and current.

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About Kuhfs designer Amy Olson

Amy Olson is the Chicago-based designer of Kuhfs, an entirely

new accessory line that is revolutionizing the fashion industry.

Kuhfs have a unique and adaptable design which allows

women to express their style in a distinctive and dynamic way.

Kuhfs are made to enhance the look and character of any

outfit, increasing the versatility of a single pair of boots, jeans,

yoga pants, or capris. Each handmade set of Kuhfs is person-

ally designed by Amy with high quality stylish fabrics designed

to elevate a woman's personal style, effortlessly.

Olson’s believes every woman wants to be stylish and current,

but they sometimes don’t know how to achieve this. With

Kuhfs, I have made it simple for any woman to explore her

personality through fashion.” Kuhfs make an immediate and

striking first impression when worn on your boots or pants.

Kuhfs allow you to explore your personal style and revitalize the

look of the boots and pants you already own.

Amy Olson’s approach to fashion is simple...If you like it and it

makes you feel good...wear it. Olson has said “Creating and

cultivating your personal style is a unique journey every woman

should embrace”. Her approach to fashion and attention to the

details of an ensemble are what make her and her line sought

after by fashion conscious women all over the United States.

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