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Welcome to 8th Grade Science!

I am entering my 7th year in the SealyISD district and love the people and community where we have chosen to make our home.This is an extremely important year for your middle school student. Please make sure that you come to class prepared and ready to work. I will be teaching all 8th grade science classes this year. I will also be the Remote Learning Teacher for all of 6-8 science classes. Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

**Email will typically be the quickest way to contact me.

Contact Information

I will be both 8th Grade Science Teacher AND REMOTE LEARNING TEACHER for grades 6-8 science.

Please sign up for my class REMIND. I will be using this to send out important reminders and information.

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***Please sign up for the appropriate Google Classroom! Click on Class Period Below.

Sanders Class Schedule

Student Arrival- 7:25-7:50 Homeroom

1st - 7:50-8:45 8th AE Science

2nd - 8:49-9:44 (CONFERENCE)

3rd - 9:48-10:50 8th Science

4th - 10:54-11:49 8th AE Science

5th - 11:53-12:40 8th AE Science

"C" Lunch 12:52-1:22

6th - 1:26-2:21 8th AE Science

*7th - 2:25-3:20 Remote Learners (6,7,8)*

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Sealy Junior High Grading Policy 2020-2021

SJH Retest:

In accordance with our mission, our staff at SJH will work collaboratively to ensure success for ALL STUDENTS. A student’s mastery level shall be a major factor in determining the grade a student receives for the course. We have established the following campus retest/ retake procedures to be utilized for all courses.

If the class average is not greater than or equal to 75 the test will be dropped from all students, and a new test will be created and administered.

Redo/Re-Test Guidelines:

  • A student will be allowed to redo one major failing grade per 9 week grading period.

  • A student will be allowed to redo two failing daily or quiz grades per 9 week grading period.

  • Assignments or assessments that have been redone will be recorded for grade calculation purposes as the higher of the two grades.

  • Redoing an assignment or assessment will require the student to complete an alternative form and tasks to demonstrate mastery after sufficient re-teaching has taken place. (see teacher for details)

Major Grades- If a student scores lower than a 70 on a major test, the teacher will allow the student the opportunity to retest or retake the assignment. In addition, a comment should be posted in Gradebook indicating retest grade. The highest score awarded for the retest/ retake will be what is earned. If the student scores lower on the retest, the teacher will post the original grade.

Daily/ Minor Grades- Our goal is for grades to reflect mastery. If we reteach the assignment and the student understands the concept, have the student retake the assignment and give the student the grade earned. For which a student originally made a failing grade.

A teacher may require a student to complete one of the following activities in order to be eligible for the retest/ retake opportunity: attend intervention; complete a review assignment, classwork, vocabulary, flashcards, complete test corrections; or participate in a re-teaching exercise or activity.

The student must complete the retest/ retake within 5 school days of the grade being posted. If the timing is not met, the student will no longer have the opportunity to retest/ retake and will keep the failing grade.

If the student makes no reasonable attempt on a major assignment/ test, the student may not be eligible for retesting.

A retest/ retake opportunity will not be offered for any assignment not turned in on time.

Students must complete the retake/retest form to be eligible for the opportunity. (Request to Retake/Retest)

Grading Policy

Each 9 week grading period is to include a minimum of 10 grades.

1st 3 weeks- a minimum of 3 grades posted in the Gradebook.

2nd 3 weeks- a minimum of 6 grades posted in the Gradebook.

Every 9 weeks- a minimum of 8 DAILY grades and 2 MAJOR grades.

Grade weight: 60% weight assigned to major assessments with a 40% weight assigned to daily grades/ homework


*Weekly Course Outline is subject to change (in Google Classroom)

*Grades may differ between Google Classroom and Ascender (Gradebook) due to not all assignments being graded/assigned through Google Classroom. Ascender (Gradebook) is the official gradebook for Sealy ISD and where all updated grades will be posted.

Campus Late Work Policy

Late Work Policy:

  • It is the campus expectation that assignments are turned in on assignment due dates.

  • For assignments not turned in on the assigned due date the student will have three days to turn in the work.

  • Assignments turned in within the three days will receive a 20 point late penalty deduction before grading.

  • Assignments will not be accepted after the three day grace period and will result in a zero.

  • Students absent during the three day grace period may be extended extra days at the discretion of the teacher.

  • Assignments turned in late, or not at all, are NOT eligible for redo privileges.

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Welcome to 8th Grade Science With Mrs. Sanders!


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