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March 12th, 2018

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  • Solo and Ensemble- Congratulations!
  • State Solo & Ensemble Information
  • Jazz Festival Info
  • Band Fest Info
  • 2018 Leadership Applications

Thank you!

Thank you to all of the Tosa East parent volunteers that made District Solo & Ensemble possible. We couldn't do it without you!

Jen Rakowiecki

Gretchen Nikolai

Linda Sullivan

Paul Nuccio

Kim Stahn

Shirley Waples

Tiffany Bruett

Sara King

Kathy Weinberg Kinsey

Dave Weinberg Kinsey

Shari Young

Catherine Moe

Kathleen Pulz

Jen Crawshaw

Jennifer Larson

Becky Huenik

Amy Decker

Rachel Stolpe

Mark Hansen

Chuck Rohrer

Carolyn Esswein

Rachel Mosey

Sam Salm

LaShonda Hill

Sue Martin

Natalie Wyson

Maurice Buttazoni

Michelle Pitcher

District Solo and Ensemble


Congratulations to all the ensembles and solos that qualified for State!

1* Jazz Ensemble I
Benzinger, Jack Teofilo, Vince Knuth, Cooper McDonald, Seamus Flowers, Jayden Marty, Jessica Barth, Peter Pulz, Rory Rinzel, Kayden Koeberl, JR Conteh-Morgan, Clare Esswein, Parker Mosey, Aaron Caceres, Elena Arpin, Simon Tait, Aidan Fraley, Bayden

Saxophone Choir
Benzinger, Jack Weinberg-Kinsey, Mitchell Cox, Angie Teofilo, Vince King, Miless Mahdasian, Nishan Wedel, Quinn Flowers, Jayden Mattes, Ross McDonald, Seamus Erbes, August Knuth, Cooper Brown, Logan Chin, Jeffrey

1* Brass Choir 1
Koeberl, JR Phillips, Jack Waples, Peter Sulok, Essence Esswein, Taylor Barth, Peter Mosey, Aaron Rakowiecki, Jaxon Rinzel, Kayden Esswein, Parker Erickson, Michael Wolfram, Michael Lorenzen, Kortney Bentley, Trevin Pulz, Rory Nuccio, Phillip Pantuso, Jacob Hollander, Jack

1* Brass Choir 2
Conteh-Morgan, Clare Anderson, Genna Halm, Jack Mills, Becca Marty, Jessica Reilly, Connor Retzer, Henry Moore, Grace Buttazoni, Josh Carpenter, Ian Janik, Tess Chugg, Evan Hartman-Keiser, Simon Easton, Matthew Wickesberg, Ryan

1* Percussion Ensemble 1
Arpin, Simon Bruett, Izzy Tait, Aidan LaGrange, Foster Sullivan, Malcolm Hemze, Nate Owen, Henry Young, Graham Akin, Josiah Brown, Cedric Michaelson, Tyler Watters, Derek

Band Solos
1* Sam Green- Flute
1* Lizzie Murphy- Flute
1* Jack Benzinger- Alto Sax
1* Jacob Gresk- Bassoon
1* Isaac Norman- Bassoon
1* Jessica Marty- French Horn
1* Aaron Mosey- French Horn
1* Kayden Rinzel- Baritone
1* Aidan Tait- Marimba Solo
1* Aidan Tait- Parade Drum Solo

We are so proud of the hard work and dedication from our students that went in to preparing for this event.

State S&E Information

The following ensembles/solo's are registered to perform on April 28th at UWM

1* Percussion Ensemble

1* Sam Green- Flute
1* Lizzie Murphy- Flute
1* Jack Benzinger- Alto Sax
1* Jacob Gresk- Bassoon
1* Isaac Norman- Bassoon
1* Jessica Marty- French Horn
1* Aidan Tait- Marimba Solo
1* Aidan Tait- Parade Drum Solo

The following ensembles/solo's are registered to perform at UW Parkside on May 5th
1* Brass Choir 1

1* Aaron Mosey- French Horn
1* Kayden Rinzel- Baritone

Brass Choir 2 has not decided which day they will perform yet.

More detailed information for State can be found by visiting the WSMA website.

Jazz Festival- March 16th

WI Conservatory Info

Just a few reminders...

- All Jazz I sectionals are occurring on Tuesday Morning

- There is no Jazz III rehearsal on Thursday morning

- Friday, March 16th, we are leaving East at 7:30am, this means you need to be to East before 7:30am

- Attire: Dress nice. Dress shirts, Dress Pants. Dress Shoes, Khakis, Dresses. Please no jeans or tennis shoes. Wear comfy shoes!

- Lunch was included in your cost.

Performance Order:

8:50am- Jazz III

9:30am- Jazz II

10:10am- Jazz I

Please note:

Jazz III after you perform you will watch Jazz II and Jazz I perform

Jazz II will be warming up during Jazz III's performance

Jazz I will be able to watch Jazz III

Jazz I will be warming up during Jazz II

Once I have a schedule of the classes for the day I will send it out to you. You will also receive hard copies upon your arrival. It will also detail your lunch break.

You are expected to be in session throughout the day, anyone that does not follow that expectation will be sent home. The same expectations for cell phone usage apply while on this field trip.

All-City Band Festival

Wednesday, April 11th

The Bi-Annual All-City Band Fest is planned for Wednesday April 11th at the Wisconsin State Fair Park Exposition Center.

Report to East at 5:15pm

Depart at 6:00pm

Students will be transported from East by bus

This is a Full Uniform performance.

Do not forget your Black Socks and you Star Crossed T-Shirt.

Volunteers are needed

Please e-mail Mrs. Lato if you are available to help with any of the following.

5 Volunteers (9:00am-Noon) for chair set-up at WI State Fair Park

-Sharone Conteh-Morgan

-Wendy Swenson

4 Volunteers (5:15-8:00) to ride the buses with us to and from WI State Fair Park

-Jean & Dave Benzinger

2018-2019 Leadership Applications

If you are interested in being a student leader for the 2018-2019 Marching Season please complete the application below.

Leadership Application 2018

Keep in mind his is a formal application. Please make sure that you treat it as such. I also keep applications from year to year. If you are re-applying please do not submit the same application.

Please note: Parents will not have access to this form, only students.

Leadership Application Info

This form must be completed and submitted prior to 4:00pm on April 11th.

At 4:00pm on April 11th the form will close and will not accept any further responses.

You will be allowed to edit your response. Please note that I am able to tell when items are copied and pasted. I also have kept all Leadership Applications from the past two years. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.


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Upcoming Events

April 11th, 2018 All-City Band Festival

Report 5:15pm, Depart 6:00pm- Full Uniform Performance. Wear your Star Crossed T-shirt.

May 4th, 2018 East Side Evening of Jazz at 7:00pm, Dale K. Hidde Theatre

May 9th, 2018 Spring Band Concert at 7:00pm, Dale K. Hidde Theatre

May 13th, 2018 Pizzeria Piccola Band Booster Fundraiser

May 14th, 2018 Band Banquet 6:30pm

July 4th, 2018 Fourth of July Parade, report 7:30am. WE ARE FIRST!!!

Plan ahead! The 2018-2019 Band Calendar now available

Wauwatosa East Red Raider Bands

The Wauwatosa East Red Raider Marching Band is under the direction of Jennifer Lato and Jeff Krubsack.

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