Edlio: Web Page Training

Managing your website to work for you and your students

Please go to the following link for the presentation:

What is Edlio???

Rutherford County Schools has moved to an easy to use, consistent communication tool with Edlio webpages. Teachers can now update their webpage from any device. Parents and students have the option to subscribe to the teacher’s site and receive push notifications. In this session, teachers will create a page, update their profile, add assignments to their class calendar, build picture or video galleries, and more. Teachers will be amazed at how easy and fast this communication process can be.

Learning Intentions

  • Login the Edlio site
  • Change your profile picture
  • Create your landing page
  • Create a link to an external web page
  • Upload a file attachment
  • Review personal calendar options in Edlio
  • Discuss the subscription feature and benefits

Success Criteria

  • I can login Edlio at school and know the process for logging in at home.
  • I can create a new page and share information with parents and students.
Big picture

Bell Work

  1. Open two tabs or windows in Chrome
  2. Go to the school website at this link http://rsm.rcschools.net
  3. Open several pages linked below and compare information shared on each.
  4. Mrs. Pyka's Web Page
  5. Mrs. Randolph's Web Page
  6. Mr. Gray's Web Page
  7. Mr. Sweet's Web Page
  8. How can teachers communicate?
  9. How can parents receive communication from the teacher?

Task 1: Login and update your profile picture

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page, click Login
  • Click Login with Office 365 link by clicking on the blue login button.
  • Select Account- Profile- My Photo- pencil
  • Select from your computer- browse and locate a picture NOTE: The Microsoft OneDrive is NOT linked with your school and work account so this is not a valid option
  • Select Crop and Save

Task 2: Create a Blank Page

*Select the menu at the top left (pancake) or dashboard

*Select the Pages option

*Select Add a Blank Page

*Title the Page- Welcome to Mr(s). _______ ELA Page (or similar)

*Review Side Panel Alignment- do not select full width on the first page- select right aligned

*Select Add Content- Add a short bio or welcome message


Task 3: View your page

*Go to second tab opened and view your page http://rsm.rcschools.net

*Select About Us- Staff Directory and view your page

*Notice the navigation bar on the right

*Notice the Subscribe button under your profile.

Task 4: Upload a File

*Go to the tab with your working page

*Select Files- Upload Your Files

*Do Not select Microsoft OneDrive

*Navigate to the sample file linked in Teacher Apps (Growth)

*Rename the file once it is uploaded to the page


*Review your page in the live page tab “Refresh”

*Delete the file and SAVE

Task 5: Add Page and Link

*Select Pages from the dashboard

*Add Page- Link to another page

*Title the link

*Example: The Call of the Wild Audio Book

*Add the link to the webpage web page

*Select Open in New Tab


*Check the page in the second tab “Refresh”

Task 6: Edit an Existing Page

  • Select the menu at the top left or dashboard
  • Select the Pages option
  • Reorder the pages by selecting the dots on the left and dragging and dropping
  • View Live Page in second tab (refresh)
  • Select a page and Edit
  • SAVE
  • view in live view (refresh)

Task 7: Review the Calendar

*Demonstrate how the calendar works

*Select Plan from the dashboard

*Plan- Calendar- Add Event

*Name the Event- add directions- add a web link- add an attachment

*Be very deliberate with what you add


*Check the page in the second tab “Refresh”

*Notice how it appears in the navigation tab on the right

*Notice the calendar views

· Video instructions for updating your calendar:


Task 8: Create a Links Page

  1. Select the menu at the top left or dashboard
  2. Select the Pages option
  3. Select Add Link Page
  4. Add links
  5. SAVE
  6. View Live Page in second tab and "refresh"

Task 9: Create a Blank Page with Content

  1. Select the menu at the top left or dashboard
  2. Select the Pages option
  3. Select Add a Blank Page
  4. Title the page: Schedule
  5. Add a Table with 2 rows and 8 columns
  6. Add a class schedule
  7. SAVE
  8. View Live Page in second tab and "refresh"

Task 10: Twitter Feed and/or Posts

for Twitter (see attached file below)

* Select the menu at the top left (pancake) or dashboard

* Select the Pages option

* Select Add a Blank Page or navigate to an existing page

* Add Content

* Select Source Code

for Posts

  1. Select the menu at the top left or dashboard
  2. Select Posts
  3. Choose the type of Post you want to start with (Text, Link, Photo, File, Video)
  4. Choose a Title and a description.
  5. Save
  6. View in live view (refresh)