Classifying Animals!

Activities that Don't Require the Internet

Design your own animal: What does it look like? What does it eat? What can it do? How does it move? Where does it live?

Research an animal. Learn all about it and then share what you learned by dressing up as your animal when you share your knowledge! Here’s some ideas: Animal Reports

Build a 3D model of an animal using things from around your house

Go outside and observe animals. How do they adapt to their surroundings? What animals do you see?

What animals are endangered and why are they endangered? How can we help them?

Find pictures of as many animals as you can. Sort them in different ways. Which animals have fur? Feathers? Sort them by color. Sort them by how they move. What other ways can you think of to sort them?

Write a story. What if you had animal eyes? What if you had animal teeth? What if you had an animal nose? What if you had an animal tail?

Learn all about animal tracks. Can you look at an animal track and tell what animal left that track?

What animal sounds can you make? Play a game with someone and see if they can guess what animal sound you are making.

Best Books About Animals

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