meradiths adventures of life


Where it all began

I was born at St. Lukes Hospital and I weighed 8lbs and 15oz. I was born on July

24-a Wednesday at 9:36 p.m. I had blond hair and brown eyes. My first house was on

122 North St. Ceder Rapids. When I was born I couldn't sustain my one body. So now

I have a sickness called hypoglycemia.

first things in my life

  • My first daycare was Kids Inc.
  • My fist words were mama papa and ho.
  • The first tooth I lost was 6 cm. long.
  • My favorite thing to do was climb which I could do before I walked.

my preschool year

I went to preschool at Apple Kids. My teacher was my mom.

A fun thing I did in preschool was going to Indian Creek nature center.

my rockin' year of kindergaden

When I was in kindergarten I went to Starry Elementary. My field trip was to Muse Museum in Cedar Rapids.

first is the worst

In first grade my favorite thing to do was climb on every thing and every one.

At recess I would climb up the jungle gym and jump off the top. I had to get stitches.

second is the best

In second grade my teacher was Mrs. Clark. Mrs. Clark retired the year I had her.

Amazing things we did were our pioneer table and Iowa Lake. I learned

about the olden days. I would read books at recess.

third is the one with the polka doted dress

In third grade Mrs.Owen was my teacher I went to school here at Mary

Welsh Elementary. I Learned how to spell Mississippi. At recess I

would go to Mr. Shaw and talk.

fourth is the best with a thresher chest

My teachers are Mrs. Purchase and Rosetta Ealy. I learned about great people.

At recess I played kick ball. And a special thing I joined band.

My favorites

My favorite animals are calico cats, color magenta, my favorite food is strawberries, subject is music, my favorite drink is Doctor Pepper.


My hobbies are collecting rocks and family values.

family and goals

My moms name is Julie my dads name is Shawn. I have 7 blessings. Rachel(16),

Maddie(14), Austin (20), Ellie(7), and Hunter (2). My grandma Gale and my grandpa Jeff.

My goal this summer is not to cry because I'm leaving my mom. In high school my

goal is to join red cross. Someday I hope to get rid of cancer.