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November 2020

A Note from our Principal, Mrs. Walk

Hello Trebein Families,

Now that November has arrived, we turn our attention to all the blessings in our lives and the many reasons to be thankful. I can honestly tell you I feel one of my greatest blessings is getting to work at Trebein with our incredible staff and dedicated families.

The support you provide us and the loving children you send our way make this job even better. Working with young people is an honor, but to be able to do this important work with dedicated parents definitely sweetens the work.

I am also thankful that we can have all our families back together that are choosing to be in school. I am thankful for the option for families to learn virtually in a meaningful way.

It is truly a blessing to spend my days with our creative, hard-working, and very caring staff members here. I don't know if you will ever truly comprehend how much they care about your children and their success, but it is incredible.

I could go on and on... but, I think you get the picture.

I hope you are able to take some time to reflect on your blessings and reach out to those who make a difference in your lives.

Lisa Walk, Principal

Notes from the Main Office

**Picture Retake Day is November 12th, 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM


Reminders for Morning Drop-Off:

* Please pull all the way up in line (even if you have a fifth grader going into the


* Please have your child ready to exit the vehicle when you come to a stop.

* Have your child get out of your car anywhere along the front sidewalk.

* Do not park in the parking lot and send your child across in front of cars...


* Do not park in the parking lot and walk your child across...causes serious delays.

* Do not pass along the left side of the line up - just in case kids get out on that side.

* Thank you for your terrific smiles each morning!

New instructions for early dismissal, late arrivals and absences:

Please set up a distribution list consisting of your child’s teacher, and Please notify us by email, early in the morning and let us know of any of the above changes. For early dismissals, call when you arrive in the parking lot, and we will try to have your child ready for you when you come in to the foyer to sign them out.

A Note From our School Counselor, Mrs. Tate

In October, we began to focus on strengthening our resiliency skills. The world has felt a little different recently and everything going on around us can really take a toll physically and emotionally. When we feel like we are constantly getting knocked down, it can have an impact on our emotions and our behaviors. Resiliency is a person’s ability to bounce back up when faced with adversity. Resiliency skills allow us to keep going even when things are difficult. When we are able to stay calm and work through situations with effective coping skills our self-esteem is strengthened. Resiliency allows us to feel in control by understanding what we are feeling and then focusing on the things that we can control in our situation, specifically with how we respond to it. The good news is that our resiliency skills can be boosted by learning and practicing effective strategies.

Our first resiliency skill that we are practicing this year is positive outlook. In the primary grades, we learned all about resiliency by playing with Weebles. Many had never seen a Weeble before but they were quickly able to identify that a Weeble is special because they don’t stay down. No matter what we did to the Weebles, they popped right back up. That’s resiliency. Negative thoughts are something that we all have from time to time. The goal is to learn how to catch those negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts about what we can control instead. Secondary grades will learn about resiliency with the tale of a sheep who is able to make the best of circumstances outside of his control. We will then do a digital activity where we practice catching those negative thoughts and reframing them with a positive outlook. Next month, we will move on to practicing the resiliency skill of problem solving.

Wolf Pack Events

Wolf Pack members Emily Gillespie and Reagan Davis helped with the Trebein trunk or treat at Be Hope Church's Hallofunaweenie event.

A Note from our School Social Worker, Ms. Holman

The PAX Good Behavior Game is a social-emotional evidence based classroom approach that increases self-regulation among students, improving behavior management in the classroom.

All Beavercreek Elementary Schools implement PAX strategies throughout their buildings. It is our hope to make a connection between PAX strategies used at school and at home. In future newsletters, look out for PAX strategies (PAX Tools) that can be easily implemented at home. PAX Tools and PAX GBG are both evidence-based approaches that implement behavior management, teaches self-regulation and therefore reduces risks targeting young people.

Additional information about PAX Tools can be found by watching this video:
Welcome to PAX Tools / Bienvenido a PAX Tools

Thanks for making the Fun Run a Success!

Mrs. Walk Camped on the Roof

Trebein PTO on Facebook Watch

The bus drop off from Mrs. Walk's rooftop view!

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October Shine Award Winner

CONGRATULATIONS to Blake, fifth-grade student in Ms. Whiteman’s class at Trebein Elementary, for receiving the Shine Award! Way to go, Blake!

2nd Grade Virtual Pumpkin Patch Field Trip


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