How to use Goodreads

Capture all your books into one place!

  • Write reviews for books
  • Find new books to read
  • Store read books and create categories

Goals by the end of the year:

  • Have a created profile
  • Have up to 35 books reviewed in your book library
  • Have up to 5 categories
  • Keep on reading!
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How To:

1. Set up an account

2. Search for a book using the title, isbn, or author

3. With the chosen book, click on either want to read, add to a category, or rate it using the five star method and write a review

4. Add book categories by clicking on the my books tab and then the add shelf on the left hand side.

5. Explore, create, and make friends based on books and reading!

Goodreads Information

  • 30 Million Members
  • 900 Million Books Added
  • 34 Million Reviews