The curious incident of the dog in the nightime

Mark Haddon

This novel won in 2003 book of year Withbread, in 2005 the best book for young readers and in 2004 prize for writers of the Commonwealth .

The story is written in first person for Christopher John Francis Boone, a fifteen year-old boy , who has autism and he lives in Swindon (England). Although the novel does not say explicitly that Chriptopher has Asperger syndrome. You can see that boy is special and very clever.


The narrator of the story is Christopher, he discovers the dog dead of his neighbor ,Wellington.

After Christopher hits a policeman in a misunderstanding at the scene of the crime, the police take Christopher into custody.

His father is going get your son this trouble and he warns that he doesn´t get into other people´s business

He began to write his investigation in a book—the book we are reading—as part of a school assignment.

Ignoring repeated warnings from his father, Christopher investigates the crime scene and conducts interviews with the residents of his block.

Then he discovered that Mrs Shears had a romantic affair with his mother but this doesn´t matter, his mother was dead.

At school, Christopher prepares for an A-level math exam that will enable him to attend a university, a feat no other child at his school has managed.

Christopher accidentally leaves his book on the kitchen table. His father reads it, becomes angry, and confiscates it. Later, Christopher searches for the book and uncovers a series of letters, hidden in a box, addressed to him from his supposedly dead mother.

The letters chronicle a life that his mother has continued to lead with Mr. Shears in London and contain repeated requests for Christopher to respond.

After Christopher foun the mother´s letters, he was in shock, Christopher shut oneself up in his bedroom by the evidence of his father’s deception. When Father comes home and realizes what has happened, he breaks down in tears.

He apologizes for his lies. Christopher’s father also admits to killing Wellington after an argument with Mrs. Shears.

Christopher, now terrified of his father and feeling he can no longer trust him. He decides go to London.

Christopher was very happy but Mr. Shears doesn´t. He arguing with Cristopher´s mother. This situation did that she leaves him to return the old town.

Cristopher did his A-Level math exam and he receive an A grade, the best possible score.

His mother rented an apartment and Cristopher lived with her, his father often visit him.

Main Characters

New words

spaz, crip, mong which were nasty words

wiggle menear

fetch ir a buscar

upset trastorno

My opinion.

It´s well worth reading it because it will change the way you thing about special people and how they see the world.

I know an Asperger syndrome boy, it´s amazing your capacity. he always surprise me . He is fourteen years old and he learns your heart all rivers of Spain, he knows all capitals of the world.

I definitely recommend that you add thisyo tour collection.