The Kegel Exerciser Pelvic Floor Stimulator

The pelvic floor muscles contract and stretch over from both sides of the pelvis and pubic bone across the bottom of the tailbone. The pelvic floor muscles hold your uterus, bladder and bowel. The weak pelvic floor and poorly toned muscle may not do its work properly. Women who have weak pelvic muscles usually experience lower sexual response and incontinence. According to the research, the pelvic floor responds well to do regular exercise. With the help of consistent exercise, most women can completely overcome or reduce the signs of weak muscles. But the pelvic muscle responds to exercise, according to the researches.Basic Kegel Exercise

With proper exercise, you can possibly overcome and reduce the signs of weak muscles of the pelvic floor. It doesn’t matter what your age is. The pelvic floor muscles can be weakened because of injury, surgery, childbirth, menopause and lack of exercise. If muscles start sagging, you may have the prolapsed of uterus and face trouble with bladder. With the help of pelvic floor stimulator, you can start controlling your bladder and your vaginal response while having sex and reach better orgasm.

Urine leakage can also cause negative image and lower self-confidence. Over 60% of women are suffering from this problem and hesitate to seek expert help due to this embarrassing condition. The belief that urine leakage is a natural phase of childbirth and aging leads women to avoid looking for the proper treatment. Even though it is a common problem, but it is not normal and one has to address it in the same way as they do with other health problems. With the help of pelvic toner and some Kegel exercises, you no longer have to rely on incontinence pants and pads. They are the effective and simple treatment to avoid urinary incontinence and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

There are different methods to treat this problem. You may use certain kinds of equipment like pelvic stimulator, or creams and supplements. Or you may adopt a natural way like Kegel exercise which is a specific exercise recommended for the pelvic floor. There are some exercise equipments like a trampoline. But each jump on a trampoline may cause urine leakage. Hence, it is better to use the best and effective equipment to control your urinal function. There are vibration platforms which have a lot of science that can help you improve muscle strength and it is recommended for muscle builders and full-time fitness freaks. It is also used to rehabilitate the accident and stroke victims and reverse the osteoporosis.Pelvic Stimulator

It can be easy to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles with complete body vibration through this platform. It produces the vibes and energy that is transmitted to your body. This way, it makes the stretch reflex which is used to change from 30 to 60 times in a second according to which you can determine the frequency. It activates the tonic vibration reflexes to stretch the muscles.