Mar. 29, Vol. 28

Closed Campus

Due to STAAR testing for 7th and 8th grades, Monday and Tuesday, we will have a closed campus. Parents and visitors will need to remain off campus this day. We appreciate your support during this testing time.

Summer Enrichment

GCISD offers several summer enrichment classes. There is a wide variety of choices for students to explore. Each class meets for 3 hours everyday for a week. Please visit the district website to learn more and register. Summer Enrichment

Friday is a regular school day!

STEM Student Ambassadors

The STEM Academy will be starting a Student Ambassador program. These students will represent the STEM Program throughout the school and the community. We will be distributing applications to students this week. Each interested candidate will need to be in good academic standing, able to communicate well and exemplify positive responsibility. We look forward to building great leaders!

STEM this Week

Students are working hard to complete the 5th Sixth weeks on a high note!

Science- Prokaryotic/Eukaryotic Cells- Structures and Functions of Organelles

Math- Data and Finance

Social Studies- Geography, Culture and History of Asia

Language Arts- Story Writing- Final Presentations