Summer Courses!

Sticking around CofC? Get ahead with great summer courses!

AFST 101: Introduction to African Civilization (MTWRF 8:30-12; Maymester)

An interdisciplinary survey of the history, geography, literature, culture, politics and economics of the peoples and nations of the continent of Africa. NOTE: This course can satisfy the humanities degree requirement!

LACS 101: Introduction to Latin American Studies (MTWRF 8:30-12; Maymester)

This course is designed as an interdisciplinary introduction to Latin America and the Caribbean through a study of its history, geography, politics, economic systems, literature and art. Although it is impossible to cover all of the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean (Mexico, Central and South America and the Caribbean) in one semester, students will gain an insight into some of the major historical events and cultural developments of the region. Several members of the College of Charleston faculty with expertise in certain aspects of Latin America and the Caribbean will present lectures.

NOTE: This course can satisfy either the social science or humanities degree requirement!

ARST 240: Special Topics - Cultures of the Middle East (MTWRF 8:30-12; Maymester)

This course introduces a few of the main themes and concepts relevant to the cultures of the Middle East. The term “culture” in this context is defined broadly to include both big “C” culture and small “c” culture. While big “C” culture refers to the study of fine arts, history, literary masterpieces, etc., small “c” culture is anthropological in that it views culture as the patterns or ways of people and their daily activities. Some of the areas that this course will highlight are: the history and geography of the Middle East and the role of religions in the socio-cultural life of the peoples in the region; family structure; gender; literature (classical and modern); cinema, etc. The course is not inclusive of all areas nor is it exhaustive of any particular theme. Students interested to broadening their knowledge in a particular area of interest can pursue this in other specialized and more advanced courses.

ASST 240: Special Topics - Chinese Politics in Film (8:30-12 MTWRF, Maymester)

This course is an introduction to the foreign policy of a rising China. Our aim is to understand the international problems that China has faced, how it has conceptualized those problems, and how it has tried to deal with them.

LACS 332: Special Topics - Latin American Society and Film (8:30-12 MTWRF, Maymester)