Ms. Lindsay's KDG Class Update

January 11th, 2015

Abraham & Sarah + Being Kind

Welcoming others into our lives and homes was a key discussion point in our lesson on Sunday, and it ties in very nicely with our year-long theme of Mitzvot. We read "Sarah Laughs," which taught us all about Abraham and Sarah who were always open to sharing what they had with others, being kind and generous hosts, and ultimately, being rewarded for their mitzvot. God promised them that one day, they would be the first people of a nation as vast as the stars in the sky. They were blessed soon after with Baby Isaac (whose name means "laughter"...Sarah laughed at the notion of having a child at her age), and we discussed how this family was one of the first of many we learn about in the Torah. Hopefully, you saw the picture frames we made (Abraham/Sarah/Isaac on one side, your families on the other!). We also read "Sammy Spider's New Friend," which taught us we can always make new friends and find ways to make people feel welcome!

We went to Music and sang Tu B'shevat songs with Drew Cohen, and we'll learn more about the holiday for the trees in just a few weeks.

In our Hebrew packets, we learned Kaf, and our key words were Kelev (dog) and Kippah! Due to the upcoming holiday weekend, we will not have Sunday School this Sunday (the 18th), so we'll see you back on January 25th.

Lindsay & Leah