Digital Citizenship

By: Lillie H.

Password Protection/ Creation

This teaches you how to make a password that is very safe and nobody will ever guess it and if it isn't safe enough you have to create a new passcode until your buddy gets armor.

Share Jumper

Share Jumper teaches you to choose the right message to post online because if you post something bad someone can snapshot that and that snapshot will leak all over the web.

Search Shark

This makes you find the keywords of the sentence and every time you get it right the shark gets to eat guppies to power up and get stronger.


This teaches you not to text while talking to someone or walking across the road you also help the little buddies find the right store to go to it helps you be more safe and polite.


This teaches you how to put together your own music mix with pictures and different types of songs it lets you express your creative music.


This teaches you to choose the right text message and block your buddy from being hurt and every good text message you give them the more happier and bigger they get.