How to Learn Any Language

Naturally, in a matter of hours, without fear of failure

A Seminar Suitable for all Language Learners

These strategies are applicable to all languages, and we welcome language learners of any level.

Saturday March 26th, from 6-8pm at the Haitian American Museum of Chicago

$10 per person. Payment is due on or before the event.

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Highlights of the Language Seminar :

- Instant Conversation -- A one-page matrix that allows you to instantly converse in any language.

-Core Principles of language learning -- the single factor that makes or breaks your success

- The Four Main Components of any language -- You won't hear about this anywhere else

- The 6-step Order of Operations -- Fastest way on the planet to create conversation

- 3-Step Practice Plan -- So you can be your own teacher

- Listening Comprehension Strategies

- How to THINK in the language you're learning

Meet our Instructor

Tony Marsh

Tony teaches Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, and English to adults online, for governmental entities such as the FBI, and companies such as Motorola and Hyatt Hotels.

The Tony Marsh Teaching Method was developed by observing the way that successful language learners (especially children) learn language, as well as by observing the way that certain natural principles of organic growth -- such as self-similarity -- apply to the way a language "grows" in the mind of the language learner.

The cornerstone of this method is a matrix called 'Instant Conversation'. This simple, one-page tool harnesses the "inherent learn-ability" of language, and functions as a conversation generator.

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Saturday, March 26th, 6-8pm

4654 North Racine Avenue

Chicago, IL

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Sponsored by The Fayo Bilingual Training Institute

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