How Real Was Your Relic?

Pardoner Caught sell FAKE Holy Relics

When was the last time u went to a pardoner for your forgiveness? if it has been in the five months then there's a high chance that your pardoner could be a con artist out to still your money. Reports from highly trusted people, undercover guards, and first hand accounts have suggested that there are more than one. People suggest that they're working together. The one pardoner that we have in custody refuses to speak without his lawyer. Later that day he managed to escape leaving his replica relics behind. Beware of the imposers.

Wanted: Dead or Alive

Canterbury officials are are offering a reward for any one that has any information on the the whereabouts of this particular pardoner. He is described as a person of average height, big eyes, no facial hair , greasy hair , latest fashion clothes, and a hat decorated with a holy relic.