St. John's Wort

Goat Weed

What is a St. John's Wort?

A St. John's Wort also known as Goat Weed is a wild flower that is called a tall herb. It is also used to treat sadness.

What in the World Does it Look Like And Where Do I Find It?

This flower is 12-32 in. tall. The flower position is called many atop stem. It has 5 petals and is 3 to 4 in. wide. It blooms June-September and grows everywhere in the U.S. except Northwest. The color is yellow and the extra colors are purple and red. It mostly grows on
  • fields
  • meadows
  • road sides

Awesome Facts And What I Think About The Flower.

  • It first bloomed on St. Johns Day
  • The yellow flower has purple and black dots
  • And Wort means flower

If I made a crayon with this color I would name it Laser Explosion Yellow. And I think the flower arrangement looks like a weird video game flower exploding.

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