Small Retail Shops

Receipt Printers for Small Retail Shops

Right Printers for Small Retail Shops

There is almost no business that does not use POS for receiving payments from customers. Without a POS and a compatible printer it is virtually impossible to do business these days and that is because consumers don’t like to risk carrying cash and getting robbed. Big organizations, malls, cinema houses and chain stores can afford the luxury of having heavy duty receipt printer, and the cost of operation, though high, will hardly affect their profitability. Small retail shops on the other hand have to think twice before choosing one or the other printers to be included in their billing system.

When you buy a printer for your small retail shop, you will not only have to consider the landed price but also the cost of operation. The chief cost of operating a printer is the cartridge price. But price alone should not be a determining factor. The other factors include durability, expected life cycle and printing cost per 100 or 1,000 receipts. The cost of paper roll too plays an important role in deciding the right printer for your retail shop. The quality of ink you can use in the cartridge too plays an important part in determining the cost of operation. Printers that are specifically used for giving receipts are popularly known as billing machine.

Small businesses these days opt for thermal receipt printers due to the ease of operation and the minimal expenses associated with it. They come in a variety of sizes, so you have more options before you than available for other printer types. Likewise, depending on the printer you buy, you can use different paper widths. The chief ingredients that form the image in a thermal printer are dyes and chemicals, and don’t require any special inks. That saves you from spending money on expensive cartridge replacement or refilling.

Thermal printers are generally small in size compared with dot matrix or laser printers which usually occupy more space on the billing desk. Small retail shops usually have lesser space to allot for billing space, and that is when the small size comes useful. Another advantage is they are easily transportable. So it is easier to move it from desk to desk, should the need arise. Yet another advantage is that thermal printers have very little mechanical moving parts. That makes it easier to service as well as to operate in high humidity and dust borne environments.

Due to its compact size and inexpensive operation it has become a preferred printer even for other applications like printing medical reports and in diagnostic service centers. Thermal printers are also preferred in places where noise is not preferable, like in your retail shop for example. Typically you will see thermal printers in handheld devices too. You can see them being used in petrol pumps, bus ticket printers, slot machines and lottery machines as well.

Thermal printers are attachable to computers through the USB ports in computers. So if you plan to integrate thermal printers with a full-fledged billing system, you can do it with little or no extra expenses.


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