Titanic Goes Out to Sea

Marquis Roby Jr

Inside the Titanic

Passenger accommodation and public areas were located on the Promenade, Bridge, Shelter, Saloon, Upper, Middle and Lower Decks. The other three were reserved for the crew, cargo and machinery.

The Boat and Promenade Decks were above the superstructure of the ship. Their lengths did not run the entire length of the ship. A swimming pool, Turkish Baths, Squash courts and a gym are provided. There a room for Reading and Writing for first class. There a lounge and smoke rooms.

1st class in the Titanic

Titanic’s first class accommodation was capable of housing up to 735 passengers. The style of our offered ranged from comfortable single-berth cabins to dazzled magnificent multi-room parlour suites.

The first class cabins and suites were located over five decks where the ship’s motion would be least felt. First class accommodation also held 350 cheaper standard cabins with single beds, used for accompanying servants and staff. (Cost: $4,350)

2nd class in the Titanic

Most of the cabins in second class had bunk-beds, unless one booked a single-person cabin, such as that shown here.

There were no private toilets for each individual cabin, although sinks and shaving/make-up mirrors were provided. The staterooms of the second class were very similar to the standard cabins of the first class. Family rooms usually combined single and bunk beds, a small settee would often be supplied, together with a writing desk and wardrobe or dressing table and washing facilities. (Cost: $60)

Third Class in the Titanic

This class was indefinitely for poor people.Third-class passengers slept on bunk beds in crowded quarters at six to a narrow cabin. Like second-class passengers, they shared bathrooms, but the number of people sharing a bathroom was much higher in third class: Only two bathtubs were available for all 710 third-class passengers, one for the men and one for the women. (Cost: $15–$40)