Period 3

1754-1800 Triston Lawson

French and Indian War

The French and Indian War started the road towards the American Revolution and the creation of the United States.

George Washington

Despite George Washingtons poor career starting out, he helped protect, preserve, and found a new nation that stands for liberty and justice for all.

American Revolution

The American Revolution was a rebellion against the British government over unequal representation and unfair taxes.

Constitution Convention

The Constitution convention was a delegation of representatives from all 13 states just after the American revolution to create a stronger government that was needed to preserve the fledgeling nation.
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Whiskey Rebellion

The Whiskey rebellion was caused by a tax placed on farmers in Pennsylvania who were making whiskey and selling it. This tax enraged these farmers and they rebelled. George Washington would but down this rebellion with no bloodshed defining the constitution's authority.
APUSH Review: Period 3 (1754 - 1800) in 10 Minutes



  • The Constitution Convention was the chartering of a new, stronger government.
  • Solved the weak government set up by the articles of confederation.
  • Was done in secret to avoid the spirit of 76 and defined the "power" distribution in the American government.


  • The main issue for the French and Indian war and American Revolution was for Britain to preserve its assets and empire.
  • Britain also gained a huge profit from the colonies making these colonies Britains number one asset.
  • Money and taxes are also what help lead to the American Revolution.