Why you should come to Minnesota!

About Minnesota

I think you should come to Minnesota because there are ten-thousand lakes. This will provide a lot of fish to eat! This is a beautiful land where many stars can be seen. This creates a wonderful territory to live in. Here there are so many seasons such as Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Our seasons are different because like in Winter we have snow that we can do many creative things in, and many other things that other states do not have with their seasons. This state is also a sovereign nation. This is nice for people who are self ruling and independent. And last, our lakes are very clean. This makes fresh water to drink from.
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Minnesota Slogan

Minnesota is a great place to live, just come here and see what we have to give!

An Important Location of Minnesota

The first school in Minnesota is an important location in Minnesota. It is important because it is where many children were given an education. This also an important location because Harriet Bishop was given a teaching job there to teach the children in need of an education.

An influential Person

Harriet Bishop is an influential person here. She is important because she educates students here to have a better future. She is also important for her strong and inspiring thoughts and feelings.

Best Traveling Ways

The steamboat would be the best way to travel in Minnesota because it is a faster way of transportation. It can also hold more things than other traveling ways such as a wagon, on foot, canoe, oxcarts, and a train. A train would also be best, but for on land transportation.

A Quote From A Citizen

from Harriot Bishop