White House Menu Plan

White House Menu

Sunday, April 27th, 7pm

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Washington, DC


For breakfast we will be serving Scrambled and fried eggs. We will also have Skim milk and Orange Juice to drink. We will serve a side dish of Oat meal and we will make Waffles.


At lunch we will be serving a starter salad with your choice of dressing. We will be serving Chicken salad clubs with lettuce and tomatoes upon request. There will be a side dish of Fresh fruit served with the meal. To drink we will have Sweetened and Unsweetened tea, also Water.


Dinner will be started with a bowl of chicken and gnocchi soup. After soup we will serve Pan seared salmon with steamed green beans as a side. We will have Sweetened and unsweetened tea to drink again, also with water

Place setting

We will be using the place setting for a formal dinning arrangement. We will be seating 20 guests for these three meals.