Galileo Galilia


Galileo's background

Galileo was born February,15 1564 and died January,8 1642When Galileo was 10 he attended a monastery and was influenced to become a monk he told his father about this idea and his father was not pleased because he did not want this from his son and he quickly removed Galileo from the monastery and several years later he attended the University of Pisa and studied medicine just as his father wanted him to.He produced two treatises one was La bilancetta (The little balance) which noted the hydrostatic principles of balancing and the other one was a study on the center of gravity and various solids though they were only spread in manuscript form they made him well known.His father died in 1591 and Galileo was left with the burden of providing and taking care of his mother and his brothers and sisters so he had to find a better paid job rather than a position at Pisa university and he found one at University of Padua and according to his admission the 18 years he spent there were the happiest of his life, he made friends in Venice when he visited one of them Giovanfrancesco Sagredo who he later immortalized in the dialogue as a representative of judiciousness

and good sense.

Galileo's Achievements

Galileo discoveries included four moons and the planet Neptune(1613) and he is also the first to observe Mars by telescope(1609)and was also the first to observe the planet Saturn with a telescope and the first to discover its rings(1610). He is often incorrectly credited for inventing the telescope but he did improve upon the original design and eventually started grinding and polishing his own lenses which allowed him to see with a magnification with eight or nine times he also started to carve his own telescopes out of bone.

Interesting facts about Galileo

Galileo was a catholic until he died but he never married the wife of his three children. Einstein was Galileo's biggest fan. Galileo never actually built a pendulum clock.Galileo was buried between Michelangelo and Machiavelli.When Galileo thought he had found multiple Saturns and he kept his findings hidden by hiding them in an anagram.When Galileos father died he designed military compasses to aim cannon balls to make a living in fear of debtors prison.Galileo also made other inventions like a combination of a candle and a mirror to reflect light through an entire building, an automatic tomato picker, a pocket comb that doubled as a eating utensil, and a ballpoint pen.

Galileos impacts on today

Galileo is oftenly referred to as the father of modern science mostly due to his contribution to the model of the solar system in which he proved that Earth is not the center of the solar system and that the sun is what the solar system revolves around, he proved his theory by using his improved telescope and studying other moons, other planets, and different objects such as asteroids, comets, and stars.He also discovered Saturn's rings and Neptune which changed the way we think and look at the solar system.