How Can Concrete Compression Test Be Helpful?

Concrete compression tests are conducted to determine the strength of concrete. Testing can follow different procedures depending on the type of machine that is used. In most cases, a concrete compression test can help in evaluating the strength and suitability of concrete before it is used for any application. Testing can be performed on samples cast onsite, in laboratory as part of test mixes and on samples taken from existing concrete structures.

The Importance of Concrete Compression Tests

Most building projects use concrete in their structural element. Hence, testing its quality is a requirement. Many jurisdictions mandate concrete compression testing to guarantee the safety of the material before it is used for any public dwelling or commercial place. Compression testing ensures the safety and consistency of the material, so builders, contractors, and manufacturers can build high-quality structures that can withstand frequent use and extreme weather conditions.

Concrete compression testing can be helpful in verifying the quality of a batch of concrete. Likewise, it is used in determining the consistency of the material during manufacture and production. Testing may aid the design process and ensure compliance with international and industry standards. Knowing and evaluating concrete's integrity, quality, and strength may help prevent costly mistakes and the need to rebuild or renovate due to a faulty foundation or concrete structure.

In Australia, laboratory concrete compression testing uses cylinder samples. The test procedures, sampling equipment, and the equipment to use are all defined by the AS1012. Self-compacting concrete and other special mixes may require further testing to determine consolidation and flow quality.

The right equipment for testing concrete

There are several different types of concrete compression testing machines, but the commonly used ones are those that can automatically, semi-automatically, or manually test the material. These types of equipment are versatile and can be also used to determine flexural and split strengths with suitable accessory frames or jigs.

Concrete compression test machines can be useful for early unconfined compression strength test and unconfined core testing. Some are versatile and can be used in mortar compression tests. High-quality equipment comes with a heavy duty welded frame, a user-friendly control system, and a hydraulic two-stage system with a single motor to make the platens adjustable for rapid approach, and another for force application.

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