Save the Chesapeake Bay

By: Claire Walker, 1\19\2016, Period 3


Hi, i want people to know about the bay, how we can help, and some Bay facts too! My driving question is, how people are polluting the Chesapeake bay? Also, how can we help to save the bay? I selected this topic because first I love the Chesapeake Bay. Second I went on the Chesapeake Bay trip so I have experience with the bay. Third I have been helping a local creek for almost 2 years. Anyway lets get started....

How are people polluting the Bay?

Littering is a big problem in the Bay. Animals are getting affected by littering, they sometimes think that litter are food. Plastic bags can take 20 to 1,000 years to decompose! Water pollution is another problem, it's from chemicals on our lawn. When a storm comes rainwater and any chemicals from the lawn, goes into a sewer than into the bay. A way to prevent this would be a rain garden. A rain garden drains the water before it hits the sewer.

How can people help the Bay?

¨Their is a foundation were people plant tree seeds and grasses native to the Chesapeake Bay along the shore line. It help to slow down runoff and erosion (on cbf), you can volunteer to help out with other things." -Jason Lwin. We also can go to the park with a group of friends and pick up any litter you see. A important thing is reduce, reuse, and recycle! Schedule regular cleanups along your local stream creek or river Try to use natural cleaning products. Another really important thing is to use less!!!! Ride your bike more, try to use car less. If you can’t try to carpool more often (to waste less energy) like going to school every day (i do that). Volunteer to help the Chesapeake bay at least once a year. Every little thing will help. Did you know There are over 350 varieties of fish in the Bay? Lets not let are Bay become like the picture.

Bay Video

I learned from this video that we are all linked to the Bay. We need it too, and it needs us. Here the link to the video (the video is 2:19 mins long).

Thank You For Listening!!!