Outer Space

For Preschoolers

Theme of the week, Outer Space.

This week in class we will be doing activities and learning about space. The children will be learning colors of planets, and counting stars. They will also be doing creative projects. We will also be going on a field trip after the holidays to a space museum on Janurary 3rd.

Lesson Plan.

  • Math- Your child will be learning how to count by counting the stars. For example we will be gluing glow stars on colored construction paper, then we will turn off the lights so they can count how many glow stars are on their paper.
  • Social Studies- Your child will be learning about the first man to walk on the moon, and how they walk from lack of gravity. For example we will put moon sand in a box and the children will make a footprint in the sand with their own foot.
  • Science- Your children will be learning the colors of the planets. For example they will get cut outs of planets with the planets names on top so they can color the planets and learn the color of the planets.

Pictures of the space museum!

Upcoming Events.

Wish list to Parents and Ideas for home.

Please have your child bring in a shoe box capable of holding moonsand without any problems.

Also to make sure they practice what they learn you could give them coloring sheets of the solar system at http://www.coloringcastle.com/planets_coloring_pages.html thank you.

Information on the outer space feild trip.

Please fill in the permission slips, to the space museum, please have your child hand it in 12/21/12. They will be given out to your child on 12/17/12. It will be $12 to go. If they do not get a permission slip or money handed in they will have to stay behind with another teacher to watch movies about space. For further information, please contact us.