Savings Vs. Investing

By: Brandon Santay


  • Save 10-20% of Net Income.
  • Earn Interest.
  • Secured by FDIC.

Savings (Advantages and Disadvantages)

  • Helps build financial stability.
  • Faster way to get money.
  • Good interest rate.
  • Must have a minimum balance required.

Investing (Advantages and Disadvantages)

  • Builds Net Worth.
  • Access to online and mobile banking.
  • Useful for direct deposit.
  • Have many fee's.
  • Some charge fee for have less than minimum in account.

Savings Tools

  • Checking account.
  • Financial Depository.

Investment Tools

  • Stocks.
  • Mutual Funds.

Purpose of Investing

  • Long-Term Goal.
  • High Returns (8-12%)
  • Net Worth

Purpose of Savings

  • To Have Money for Emergencies.
  • More Liquid.
  • Limited Risk.
  • Financial Security