Jason's Gold


Jason's gold, by Will Hobs is a bout a fifteen year old boy, Jason Hawthorn with three brothers, who have no more parents and no other family to run to after their dad dies. Jason is selling news papers in new york. one day the paper has a story that inspires him but leads him through a series of adventures all in one. the story says that a boat docked in Seattle harbor with men walking off with millions in gold. the title said "Gold in the klondike!" Jason is mesmerized by the big words on the paper. Jason decides to go back to seattle where his brothers live but they are already on their way to the klondike. Jason is disappointed and depressed that they were already gone, but with great presistance Jason decides spend his $500 of inheritance from his father to fallow them, this decision is most likely the biggest decision that had ever made, for Jason is in for the biggest adventure of his life from being a stowaway on a ship to climbing the Chilkoot pass carrying hundreds of pounds of gear on his back. Also Jason rescues dog named king from almost sure death. king becomes his companion throughout their journey to find gold in the klondike.
read the book to see weather they strike rich, knee deep in gold or if the news report was just a big lie...

My Opinion On The Book

I think that Will Hobs did a great job with this book because he really desribed Jason's adventure with outstanding detail and elaboration. Also it was never boring and i never wanted to put the book down and stop reading. overall i would give this book a four out of five and i would definately recommend it to other students.

the moral and lessons of the story

Always believe in your self and never give up on something good.