By Catherine Yates

Countdown Book Review

Countdown is about Franny. She lives in 1962. She and the rest of the United Statesare worried about the Russisans attacking. You read about Franny and her family, Mom, Dad, Drew, and her Uncle Otts and how they live their life with the worry that they might be blown to bits at any moment.

Countdown was written by Deborah Wiles. It was published May 1st 2010. It is part of the 60's trilogy. Countdown is awarded with Publishers Weekly's Best Childeren's Book Award of the Year for fiction 2010, Goodreads Choice Nominee 2010, NCBLA - Notable Childeren's Books in English Launguage Arts 2011, An Best Book of 2010, and Top Ten Middle Grade Books. Countdown's genre is Historical Fiction. I think you would injoy his book if you like history and you like reading about what people felt like during The Cold War. I think the book could have been better. But thats just my opinion and you could read it and love it. It depends on what interest you.

Invitation to Gale Hoffman's Party

You are invited!

What; A Halloween Party!

Where: Avon Court, Wetchester Estates

When: Saturday, October 27 at 7;00 pm to 9:00 pm

Given by: Gale Hoffman

Special instructions: Wear a costume and bring your favorie record to dance to!

Please RSVP by Friday, October 26: 555-2388

How to Start a Garden

  1. 1. First you have to pick a spot in your backyard or community garden and make sure the soil is rich and nutrients filled, (if it isn't you can buy planting soil and put it where you waqnt to grow your plants).
  2. Go to the store and pick out the fruits and\or vegitables you are interested in planting and growing, (I suggest doing a little reaserch to find out what plants are in season).
  3. Next mark sections in your gardening space for each different type of plant you would like to grow.
  4. Dig small holes in each section for you seeds.
  5. Place 1 or 2 seeds in each hole.
  6. After that cover your holes with the dirt you already dug out.
  7. Finaly water each section as evenly as possible

- Every day water you garden. Eventually you shouls see small sprouts and once your fruit and\or vegtables get ripe enough you can pick them, wash them and eat them.

Ask Chloe

Dear Chloe,

My neighborhood is very dirty. There is trash everywhere and the animal shelers are not very good. I want to do something about it, but I don't know what to do. From reading your other advice letters I have come to an undertaning that you do lots of comonity service and I was wondering if yo could help me find some thins I can do to help my communtiy.

I reaserched volenteering at my local animal shelter but I'm not old enough to volenteer. I don't know what I can do to help my communtiy because I am only 12. I guess if I do something with all of my friends it won't be hard but we don't know what to do.

My friends would like to help too. We have talked about it before. Also our parents said they will drive us pretty much anywhere but we don't now where to go. Please help us help our community!

- Sincerly, Gracie

Dear Gracie,

I read your letter and I love that you want to help you communtiy. Even though you are only 12 there are still lots of things you and your friends can do to help your community.

First of all, I know you're to young to volenteer at you animal selter but you can still help by donating. You and your friends can get one together and go to the store to buy things to donate. You can usually go to te shelter and get a list of things to donate or you can just buy whatever you want. You can donate dog beds, dog towels, regular towels, dog food, cat food, food for any animals they house, dog toys, or even just money for them to buy things with.

So you said there was trash everywhere. What you can do is, one day after school or over the weekend get as many people as you can and get as many trash bags as people or more. Also get as many pairs of rubber gloves as people. Give everyone a trash bag an a pair of gloves. Then pick up trash until there is no more trash to pick up.

Gracie, I hope this helped. If you do everything and still are interested in doing more you can always google things to help your community.

-sincerly, Chloe

Ingrid Yates Biopeom


Loving, blond, smart


Happiness, sadness, anger

Graduating college, having a family

Kids graduate college, show kids Belgium (home country)

House in Plano, Texas