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Paris Elementary School January 2020

Attendance Matters

We need your help with imporving student attendance. So far this year at PES we are seeing an increasing percentage of our student population that falls either within the chronically absent or approaching chronically absent category for attendance.

  • To be considered chronically absent, students need to have missed 10% of the total number of school days at any point in time. A school year is 175 days . This means that these students missed 17.5 days or more of school by the end of the year. Both excused and unexcused absences count.

  • To be considered approaching chronically absent, students have missed 8 or more days of school. Both excused and unexcused absences count.

Why does attendance matter? If children don’t show up for school regularly, they miss out on fundamental reading and math skills and the chance to build a habit of good attendance that will carry them into college and careers. We also miss your child when they are not at school and worry when we don't see them on a regular basis.

District policy regarding attendance requires administrators send letters to parents when their child's attendance is either nearing or has surpassed the chronically absent point. It is also protocol that truancy issues are reported to the superintendent. Children are considered truant when they have the equivalent of 7 full days of unexcused absences or consecutive school days of unexcused absences during a school year.

If you are struggling with getting your child to school on a regular basis, please reach out to us. We have resources and people that are ready and willing to help you and your child with attendance.

Celebrating Learning At PES

Our students enjoyed a fun-filled day on Friday, January 3rd to celebrate all their hard work at school. Students enjoyed activities such as cardboard construction, making oobleck, learning to code, snowshoeing, sledding, snowman building, and many other activities. We plan to have another day to celebrate student learning on February 14th.

A Friendly Reminder From The Nurse

Please keep your child home for 24 hours after vomiting and diarrhea. Or has a temp over 100.

If your child is running a fever, or has vomiting or diarrhea, they are contagious and are more likely to spread their germs to everyone they come into contact with. Even without a fever, stomach viruses are highly contagious and spread easily from person to person when you have symptoms.

Thank you for helping us keep our school healthy. Have a wonderful holiday season.

Victoria Knight RN BSN

School Nurse

Fourth Grade Goes Exploring!

Fourth grade kicked off the new year with a new unit on European Explorers by going on their own search for “gold”. Students were broken up into exploration crews and mapped out a plan for their journey. The classes engaged in conversations about plans they had for their journey and difficulties they faced.This fun activity helped students experience life as an explorer. The European Explorers were headed towards Asia to find money, power, and bring back goods. Students will learn more as we go deeper into the unit. The learning target for one lesson was that they were able to explain the Age of Exploration and describe what the explorers did during this time period. Students are working on writing in journals and being able to explain what the areas of difficulty were in their own words.

Girls On The Run

Girls on the Run is coming to PES this spring! GOTR is a program for 3rd-5th grade girls focussed on inspiring girls to be joyful, healthy, and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running. GOTR is so much more than just a running program. This 10 week program will begin on March 17th and will run through the last week in May. We will practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:15-4:45pm. Registration opens February 3rd and will end on February 13th. Please contact Keely Baldridge at with any questions. We are so excited to have this program at PES!
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Upcoming Events

Monday, January 27
  • PTO Meeting 6 pm

Friday, January 31

  • 6th Grade GT Day

National School Counseling Week February 2-8

Monday, February 10

  • 5th Grade GT Day at Rowe Elementary

Friday, February 14

  • Student Celebration of Learning & Valentine's Day
  • Family Sweetheart Dance 7 pm

February Vacation, February 14-21

Monday, February 17

  • President's Day

Monday, February 24

  • Students Return To School

Friday, February 28

  • 6th Grade GT Day at Paris Elementary