Team 8-3 Update

December 2015

Important Dates

December 9 - BLASt from 1:15-2:30

December 11 - Permission forms due for field trip

December 10-11 Math Mastery Assessment

December 15-16 LA Mastrery Assessment

December 16 - BLASt from 1:15-2:30

December 18 -- All grades must be turned in by 2:30.

Georgia Studies

We will be covering the Civil War this week and finishing up the Reconstruction period right before Christmas break. Check google classroom to see if there is anything missing….

I will be staying after school Thursday the 10th and 17th of December to assist students.

Language Arts

In ELA, We are working on wrapping up several things before the close of the quarter and winter break. Here is a list of upcoming important dates:

Dec. 7th-Annotations due for Behind Rebel Lines (block 3)

Dec. 9th-Lighthouse Annotations are Due (blocks 2,4 and 5)

Dec. 11th-Field trip permission forms and money due

Dec. 10th-Note cards for BLASt lighthouse project (students completing the lighthouse STEM project)

Dec. 14th-Poem Quiz (blocks 2,4 and 5) This quiz will cover the poetry vocab. Words, and a couple of poems where students will need to apply skills learned during this unit.

Dec. 15th-16th-Mastery Assessment (all blocks)

Dec. 17th-Field trip to St. Simons

Dec. 18th-Poetry Café

Poetry Cafe December 18, 2015 during Language Arts class

If you would be interested in donating some items for our poetry café, that would be greatly appreciated. We will need cups, napkins, plates, cookies, cupcakes, veggie tray, fruit tray, etc. Please email me at, if you plan on donating and let me know what your child will be bringing. This will allow me to plan what items still need to be purchased. All items donated need to be store bought and peanut free.


Students were told in class Friay to check their grades and to bring me any missing work. Now, all science grades have been updated in Power School. Students who have zeroes need to attend ZAP next Thursday. We will be “cramming” a lot of learning in during the next two weeks. We will finish up our studies of waves with the Electromagnetic spectrum and visible light waves. They will have a quiz over EMS on Wednesday or Thursday next week. A quiz on light will be given the following week. The mastery assessment on S8P4 Waves will not be held until we come back from the holidays. All grades will be finalized before we leave for the holidays. “Santa” does NOT like zeroes!


This week we will be learning about dilations and similar figures, the last topics before we take the mastery assessment. There is a review on Google Classroom and the answers to the review will be provided on Wednesday during class. The students will take the free response portion of the mastery assessment on Thursday and they will take the multiple choice portion on Friday.

Topics on the test are:

Translations --- Rotations --- Dilations ---reflections ---Similar Figures --- special angles with transversals and parallel lines ---Alternate interior angles ---Alternate exterior angles --- corresponding angles ---- same side interior angles ----same side exterior angles ----- corresponding angles ----- corresponding sides